Let’s simplify how to cut through the entertainment clutter in a crowded media world. Memorize this phrase. Make it a mantra. Focus on it as a central theme in show prep: Powerpack your point of view.

I wish the phrase were original, but credit goes to my friend and client Haz Montana, the VP/Content at Meruello Media/Los Angeles. His new morning show, Letty and Teddy, are off to a solid start. Part of the coaching process has been to turn up the volume on character traits.

On a recent call, Haz told me how he used the aircheck transcript technique to help the team get to the heart of personality radio–connecting with emotions through perspective. That’s when he dropped the phrase:

It’s how they can really understand how to powerpack your point of view.

It’s brilliant and clients reading this should expect to hear it in future meetings. Here’s how it works.

How to Powerpack Your Point of View

Here’s the process:

  • Transcribe an entire segment to a word document. This is not hard but is time-consuming unless you have transcription software. It will look like a script from a movie or play.
  • Give a copy to each personality on the show with the instructions to draw a line through everything that doesn’t add to character, perspective, or point of view.
  • Update the script and print a fresh copy.
  • Now add text to powerpack your point of view with colorful, vivid comments.

Download a transcript template to help with the process here.


This exercise clarifies exactly how to replace (boring) facts and information with content that can’t be replicated. Most of us learn by doing, not by hearing, and this interactive process helps the entire team understand a concept that can be difficult to master.

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