The Incredible Power of Super Listeners

The Incredible Power of Super Listeners

by Tracy Johnson

You probably have enough listeners. We would, of course, always like more. More is better. But I’m guessing you have enough to be #1 with your target. Seriously. There are few stations that can’t reach #1 by harvesting their fans. That’s not just heavy radio users. I’m talking about tapping into the power of super listeners.

The fundamental question isn’t whether you have enough listeners (come). The important question is whether you have enough of super listeners, those loyal passionate fans.

What’s a Super-Listener?

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, which claims that 80% of a company’s revenue usually comes from 20% of their customers. The trend is actually changing to be even more dependent on a loyal core.

In all businesses, super consumers representing just 10% of a category’s customers now account for up to70% of sales, and an even higher share of profits.

In radio, it’s even more pronounced. Ratings analysis shows that about 90% of your quarter-hours come from as little as 10% of your cume.

Wow. Think about that.

Super listeners are your core. They are the most active and loyal listeners. And they’re also heavy radio listeners.

But the best news? They’re easy to reach and influence because they already like you.

And it’s easier to get existing fans to spend more time (or more occasions) than recruit new fans. This means that you can dramatically increase the efficiency of advertising and promotions.

Instead of trying to find new listeners through mass marketing or activate secondary listeners, focus on a narrower slice of your customer base.

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You probably know how to find them. They should be in your database. You do have an updated, active, smart database, don’t you? If not, start it now.

Your Database Contains Ratings Respondents

Direct marketing and digital marketing are much more effective with super listeners. And super listeners are not only most likely to be in your database, they’re also more likely to be ratings participants.

Here’s proof from NuVooDoo Media. Notice how those who say they would definitely fill out a ratings diary is more than twice as likely to sign up for an email or text from a radio station?

So your database likely contains a disproportionate amount of ratings participants. Doesn’t it make sense to love on those folks?

Marketing to Super-Listeners

Even a small increase in the efficiency of promotional spending (including advertising, promotion and marketing) can deliver dramatic ratings results when  properly managed and targeted.

This is particularly true for older, established stations. According to New Media and Marketing, established fans can be recruited to discover new uses for familiar brands and are faster to accept new offerings from companies they trust.

They recommend a focused marketing approach:

(Fans) are a subset of heavy users who are highly engaged with a category and a brand. They are especially interested in innovative uses for the product, and in new variations on it. Super-consumers tend to have more occasions and “jobs” for a product.

As an example: If you sell cheese, providing recipes can increase consumption dramatically from existing customers. Just showing them how to use the product leads to new usage.

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Similarly, super listeners are activated when provided new reasons to use your station. They already like you. Help them love you more by giving them more reasons to tune in more often.


All of this adds up to one simple conclusion:

It’s more important than ever to have a direct, one-to-one relationship with your audience.

Want to build a database? Contact us. I can show you how. Do you already have one but don’t know what to do with it? Contact us. We can turn on the ratings faucet for you.

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