Here’s a great resource for personalities and programmers. Keep this link and refer to it every year! It’s everything you need for Christmas.


Scared Straight By Santa: Listen to an aircheck of this terrific prank call feature. Click Here. Get all the details on how to implement this feature. Click Here.

12 Days of Kindness: Get listeners involved to help make the community a better place.  Click Here.

We Shop For You: Find listeners struggling with getting the perfect gift. And the show goes shopping for them.  Click Here.

12 Strays of Christmas: Work with an animal shelter to find homes for 12 pets. Click Here.

We Need a Little Christmas: This is my favorite feature for shows on stations that have not gone to all-Christmas music. Click Here.


Christmas Fact Or Fiction: Fun trivia game any show can play. Click Here.

What’s That Show: A good trivia game for almost every show.  Click Here.

Are You Christmas Smart?: Here’s an easy trivia game to play with listeners.  Click Here.


Christmas Wish: The best major promotion for tugging on heartstrings. Click Here.

Scared of Santa: An online UGC promotion that drives great activity to your website. Click Here.

12 Trees of Christmas: An inexpensive, fun promotion to give away trees.  Click Here.

Choir Promotions: A great community promotion for AC and Christian stations. Click Here.

Jingle Bail: Here’s a fun stunt-based twist that raises cash for charity. Click Here.

Breaking And Entering Christmas: One of the all-time great Christmas promotions.  Click Here.

Cash For Christmas: A unique way to give away cash for the holidays.  Click Here.

Fundraiser: Pay For Requests: A great way to raise money for your charity.   Click Here.

Home For The Holidays: A heartwarming family-friendly promotion for Christmas.   Click Here.

Visit The Real Santa Claus: Plan early for this one, but it’s a terrific promotion that gets attention. Click Here.

Toys For Tatas: A great promotion for rock stations with an edge. Click Here.


Should You Play All-Christmas Music: Pros and cons of flipping your format to all-Christmas. Click Here.

Choosing The Right Songs To Play: A list of high-testing songs, updated every year with fresh research. Click Here.

How To Create Better Holiday Programming: Click Here.

How to Schedule Personalities During The Holiday Season: Click Here.

The Santa Claus Show: He could be your most high-profile personality! Click Here.

Stunts & Public Promotions

Human Tree: This is a goofy, but fun promotion that works for some shows. Click Here.

The Talking Snowman: Hilarious promotion that generates talk and provides great audio (and video). Click Here.

The Christmas Music Takeover: The personalities take over and play Christmas music early! Click Here.

Other Resources

How to Brainstorm Original Topics and Content: Generate more original content than you can ever use! Here’s how.   Click Here.

How Westjet Won Hearts With A Great Promotion: Click Here.

A Full Library Of Ideas and Promotions: Click Here.

Topics and Listener “Situations”: Get Personality Magnet Show Prep. Click Here.


And finally: It wouldn’t be the holiday season without revisiting what happens when a programmer airchecks Santa. Click Here.

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