It’s Christmas! Yeah, that came fast. Here’s an excellent resource for personalities. Keep this link and refer to it every year! It’s everything you need for Christmas entertainment and ideation.

Everything You Need For Christmas Features

Insiders Radio Network has hundreds of Christmas features with proven, detailed guides for all shows in all formats. You’ll find something just right for your show. Here are a few favorites:

We Need a Little Christmas: This is my favorite feature for shows on stations that have not gone to all-Christmas music. Click Here.

Scared Straight By Santa: Listen to an aircheck of this terrific prank call feature. It’s best on slightly edgy stations with a great sense of humor. You’re calling kids who are driving parents crazy and scaring them into getting on Santa’s “nice” list. Get all the details on how to implement this feature. Click Here.

12 Days of Kindness: Get listeners involved to help improve the community. It’s perfect for AC or Christian stations, but it’s a great replacement for anyone not launching a major promotion this year.  Click Here.

We Shop For You: Find listeners struggling with getting the perfect gift. And the show goes shopping for (or with) them.  Click Here.

12 Strays of Christmas: Work with an animal shelter to find homes for 12 pets. This is a terrific online feature if powered by a video presence, especially if there’s an animal lover on your show. Click Here.

Get more ideas. There are more than 30 great features for all stations and shows with detailed guides for flawless execution here.


Everyone loves games, and we have compiled more than 30 of the best Christmas games for shows in every format. Each has examples and details on how to play them on team shows or solo shows.

Christmas Fact Or Fiction: Every show can play this fun trivia game. It’s perfect to play as a cast or with listeners. Click Here.

What’s That Show: A good trivia game about Christmas TV shows for almost every show.  Click Here.

Are You Christmas Smart?: Here’s an easy trivia game to play with listeners or among cast members.  Click Here.

Three-Word Christmas Game: This fast-action game is easy to play and moves quickly. You can even play this without contestants (perfect for playing into and out of a stop set). Click Here.

Name that Ho Ho Ho Show: A versatile Christmas trivia game using audio from popular Christmas movies and TV shows. Click Here.

For more games and to access the full library of more than 30 Christmas games, go here.

Holiday Promotions

Everything you need for Christmas promotion is here, with more than 20 tested, proven, major promotions that work for the holidays. Launching some of these for this year may be a little late, but some can still happen if you hurry.

Christmas Wish: The best major promotion for tugging on heartstrings. Click Here.

Scared of Santa: An online UGC promotion that drives great activity to your website. Click Here.

12 Trees of Christmas: An inexpensive, fun promotion to give away trees.  Click Here.

Choir Promotions: A great community promotion for AC and Christian stations. Click Here.

Jingle Bail: Here’s a fun stunt-based twist that raises cash for charity. Click Here.

Breaking And Entering Christmas: One of the all-time great Christmas promotions.  Click Here.

Cash For Christmas: A unique way to give away holiday cash.  Click Here.

Fundraiser: Pay For Requests: A great way to raise money for your charity.   Click Here.

Home For The Holidays: A heartwarming, family-friendly promotion for Christmas.   Click Here.

Visit The Real Santa Claus: Plan early for this one, but it’s a terrific promotion that gets attention. Click Here.

Toys For Tatas: A great promotion for rock stations with an edge. Click Here.

For the full library of Christmas promotions, go here.

Programming Guides

I haven’t forgotten about the programming team this Christmas. Here is everything you need for Christmas programming to make your station sound like the holidays:

Guide To Christmas Programming: Download our newly updated eBook for radio’s most complete guide to holiday programming. Click Here.

Free Christmas Programming Workshop: Our team walks you through the best practices for the holidays. Click Here.

Should You Play All-Christmas Music: Pros and cons of flipping your format to all-Christmas. Click Here.

Choosing The Right Songs To Play: A list of high-testing songs, updated with new research. Click Here.

How to Schedule Personalities During The Holiday Season: Click Here. Or watch the seminar that explains it in even more detail. Click Here.

The Santa Claus Show: He could be your most high-profile personality! Click Here.

Access the full library of Christmas programming tips and guides to the holiday season: Click Here.

Stunts & Public Appearances

Stunts aren’t for everyone, but for stations with an irreverent sense of humor, here are some to consider, all laid out in detail to show you exactly how to do it:

Human Tree: This is a fun promotion that works for some shows, even if it is a bit goofy. Click Here.

The Talking Snowman: This hilarious promotion generates talk and provides great audio (and video). Click Here.

The Christmas Music Takeover: The personalities take over and play Christmas music early! Click Here.

For more Christmas stunts, check out our Insiders Christmas section. Click Here.

Other Resources

How to Brainstorm Original Topics and Content: Generate more original content than you can ever use! Here’s how.   Click Here.

A Full Library Of Ideas and Promotions: Click Here.

Topics and Listener “Situations”: Get Personality Magnet Show Prep. Click Here.

And finally, it wouldn’t be complete without revisiting what happens when a programmer airchecks Santa. Click Here.

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