4 Reasons to NOT Be Like Donald Trump

4 Reasons to NOT Be Like Donald Trump

by Tracy Johnson

It’s not hard to understand why a radio show should not be like Donald Trump. But it has nothing to do with political beliefs. In reality, every personality should be unique and true to a personality profile based on real-life character traits.
Of course, there are some lessons to learn from the Trump campaign. Recently, I shared thoughts on 10 ways your show could be better by being more like Donald Trump. So now, in fairness to both points of view is valued.
So here’s the other side: Four reasons you should not be like Donald Trump.

Why Your Show Should Not Be Like Donald Trump

He’s highly controversial, but there are other reasons you should not be like Donald Trump Here are the characteristics that you should not copy:

Trump and Credibility

Even the most relatable personality can only last so long before having to demonstrate depth beyond outrageous claims and attention-getting statements.
Donald may still come through with solid plans, but to date, he has only spoken in broad sound bites with little detail or substance to support the colorful talking points.
Many radio personalities are great at generating attention with stunts or outrageous claims. Can you back it up with credible content? Day after day, week after week?

Do Not Be Unprepared

Over and over, Trump launches unprepared tirades on international television or large rallies. He has been caught without a basic understanding of the issues quite often. He trusts his charming personality to magically find the right words or phrases to excite his followers and impact the masses.
There’s a certain charm in spontaneity. But even if spontaneous, it should never be unplanned or unprepared. Turning on the microphone and talking in hopes of something good happening is a recipe for disaster. Spontaneous? By all means. Unprepared? Never.

Maintain Focus

Trump’s campaign has been a series of Ready…Fire! Oh yeah, I forgot: Aim. His political attacks against competitors have had some success (Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary). But it seems he’s lacked a strategic focus to this point.
Even before you go on the air for the first time, you should have a clear picture of who you are, who your audience is, and how you will recruit them to become fans.

Manage Your Image

Every single thing you do and say is part of your permanent brand.
Several years ago, Trump made some regrettable comments on the Howard Stern Show. Recently,  the Washington Post has brought them back into the public focus.
Trump’s response? He and Stern had great moments on the air, but acknowledged he would not have said certain things had he known then that he would eventually be running for office among their chats between 1990 and 2005 included Trump saying:

A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.

Trump’s crude comments were raised during the primaries and could be moved to high-rotation once the general election begins.

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With all high profile entertainers, you take the good with the bad. And Trump is a high-profile entertainer. But in today’s world, everything you do on social media, in public affects how audiences think of you. You’re always on. Always performing. Always building your brand.

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