New eBook Alert: 7 Habits of High Performing Personalities

New eBook Alert: 7 Habits of High Performing Personalities

by Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson Media Group is proud to announce our newest eBook. New on our bookshelf: The 7 Habits of High Performing Radio Personalities

7 Habits is the first book written by TJMG Talent Coach and consultant Andy Meadows. It focuses on common characteristics shared by great personalities. Andy draws on his personal experience as a Personality, Program Director and Consultant. It’s a clear, concise and useful guide that describes qualities of winning radio personalities talent Andy has coached and managed.

Meadows oversees the new Air Check Coaching service. He works directly with under-coached talent, those just starting out and personalities wishing to polish their performance to get that next gig.

Why You Need These 7 Habits

The Air Check Coaching service is just a few weeks old, but Andy has already identified several recurring themes. He was inspired by the motivated personalities. But he shared their frustration in finding a career breakthrough. So Andy started writing.

He explains:

Many personalities I have been working with know what they want to become. But they have trouble finding the path that will lead to success. The obstacle may be their boss. Or the format restrictions. They want to be the next Charlamagne, Ryan Seacrest or Elvis Duran. They are sure they have the talent, if they can just get the opportunity. but what’s often missing but are some or all of these 7 basic habits. I’ve found that personalities who truly master these things have a much better chance to unlock their potential.

The easy-to-read eBook is designed to help talent focus attention on fundamentals that are the basis for every successful show. The book is not a recipe for individual success. But it’s a terrific guide that describes”what it takes” to be successful.

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Get Your Book

Each personality working with Andy or any of our Talent Coaches will receive the eBook as part of their session. So now would be a good time to check it out and book a private one hour session.

7 Habits is the 20th eBook in the Tracy Johnson Media Group collection. Download the eBook and get details on what’s inside here.

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