MSBC 2020 Is a Rare Opportunity For Newbies

MSBC 2020 Is a Rare Opportunity For Newbies

by Tracy Johnson

It’s no secret that radio companies are extremely cost-sensitive. It’s been tight for quite a few years now, but this year has been extreme. I’ve talked to hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of personalities and programmers in the past few years about attending the best radio convention going: Don Anthony’s Morning Show Boot Camp. The biggest barrier is the cost to attend. Even trying to do Boot Camp on a Budget, it’s more than most personalities could afford on their own. But this year is different. MSBC 2020 is a rare opportunity for newbies because it’s virtual.

Sure, it won’t be quite the same. Of course, some of the value of Boot Camp is hanging out with personalities in the lobby and forming relationships. That can’t happen this year. But the good news is the total cost for all fo MSBC is just $125.

Every Personality Should Be Involved in MSBC 2020

Even the discounted fee may be tough for some of you. But this is an event that’s worth the investment. Invest in yourself. That’s how successful people make their own luck.

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Here’s why it makes sense:

  • The sessions are always terrific. And this year, I’m honored to team with Hal Rood (Strategic Solutions Research) to show how real listeners respond to radio shows…and how a top radio show (Spoiler alert: Free Beer and Hot Wings) improved their radio show by applying what they learned. Our session is at 3:15 Eastern time on 9/23.
  • Networking will be virtual, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, meet new people, and get noticed. That’s particularly important with so many personalities looking for a new gig.
  • Start moving forward creatively. The last few months have been difficult for everyone, and creativity has suffered. MSBC 2020 may be just the inspiration you need to get going again.


Morning Show Boot Camp is September 23 and 24. Attend it live online if possible. But if you can’t make it live, all the sessions will be available on-demand. Register now by clicking here.

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Investing In Yourself and Your Career

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