Introducing Mornings Across America – A New Platform For Personalities

Introducing Mornings Across America – A New Platform For Personalities

by Tracy Johnson

It’s been a rough couple of years for radio personalities. Programmers, too, for that matter. We don’t have all the answers to every problem air talent faces, but we’re doing our best to help. And that commitment continues with a new weekly radio show called Mornings Across America.

Mornings Across America is a new, weekly live and on-demand streaming show featuring amazing radio personalities each week.

It is distributed live on the Mornings Across America Twitch Channel Thursdays at 1 pm Eastern Time and available on-demand immediately after at

The show is led by Sandy McIlree, host of the syndicated The Sandy Show. Each week, we pick 2-3 cohosts to perform with Sandy in a 30-60 minute entertainment-based talk show.

Why Did We Start Mornings Across America?

A few months ago, I launched the Radio Talent Pool, a free service for personalities and programmers looking for a new gig. It’s been wildly successful. In just a few months, we’ve helped more than a dozen companies find solutions to their talent problems by connecting talent with great gigs.

But many personalities have told me they are looking for a big breakthrough gig, and have a hard time getting companies to take them seriously. There are a couple of issues:

  • They’re not on the air now, so there’s no opportunity for a live audition each day. This is the old “It’s easier to get a job when you have one” Catch-22.
  • Or they want to grow their career with a show they’ve never done before and have no demo for how they would sound in a different environment.

That’s where we come in.

The show is designed as a showcase for:

  • Personalities who are out of work and need a platform to be discovered.
  • Those who aren’t allowed to do the type of show they want because of station limitations or format restrictions.
  • Air talent that wants to add to their personal audience base by building a larger following.

But most of all, we think it’s a creative, fun platform to explore, entertain, and create.

The Launch

Mornings Across America debuts today, August 20, 2020, at 1 pm Eastern time.

The first guests are Claudia Jordan and Steve Kramer. Claudia is the host of Out Loud with Claudia Jordan on FoxSoul, and Love & Hip Hop on VH1. You may also remember her from television appearances on The Apprentice, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Deal or No Deal. Her radio background includes The Rickey Smiley Show and host of her own show on KRNB/Dallas.

Kramer is a top radio and social media personality, most recently at KHTS/San Diego (Channel 933). He also hosts and produces the Certified Mama’s Boy podcast.

Apply To Be On The Show

Applications are being accepted to appear on the show. I personally review each application, cast the episodes, and coach the personalities before it goes live.

Here’s a short video that explains it:

Complete the application form here.

Interested? Get more details on our FAQ page here.


It may not always seem like it, but talented radio personalities have many options. We hope this helps create the opportunity to explore options and unlock an exciting and productive future.


Mornings Across America Website

Apply to Be On Mornings Across America

Mornings Across America Twitch Channel

Radio Talent Pool

Mornings Across America FAQ Page

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