Many personality brands launch with the idea that they can figure it out as they go along. Rushing to market without a clear strategy can hold a show, podcast, or video channel back. It’s almost always better to slow down at first and avoid the mistakes new shows make.

First impressions are just like a cup of coffee at a new cafe—they must be invigorating and comforting, or customers might head to their regular coffee shop next time. Your character brand is no different.  So avoid the common mistakes new shows and podcasters make!

Top Mistakes New Shows & Podcasts Make

Here are the most common mistakes new shows, podcasters, and video streamers make. The good news is all can be avoided. The better news is that if you have already made these mistakes, it’s not a lost cause. You can recover.

Mistake #1: Coming On Too Strong

Everyone wants to make a meaningful impact quickly. You have a million ideas and are ready to start dominating, right? Whoa! Slow down.

But, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the audience’s love for your brand won’t happen overnight. In most instances, you’re a mystery at the beginning.

The process of becoming a beloved personality necessitates you first to be known and then liked. This journey is what I label as the ‘Personality Success Path, which is a five-step climb from Introduction to Familiarity, then Growth, Like, and finally Love. Every brand crosses these steps in that order.

Attempting to leapfrog from Introduction to Love is like to trying to run before learning to crawl. Rushing into things at the Introduction stage might repel the audience, making it challenging to progress to Stage 2 (Familiarity) and beyond.

Begin with a Character Brand Profile that outlines who you are and how you blend into the lives of your target audience. You’ll learn to demonstrate your personality in colorful, exciting ways without pushing the audience away.

Embrace The Audience’s World

Winning the audience’s heart is much like winning over a friend—discover their passions and show them that you share them. Once the audience feels you understand them, a bond starts forming.

Kickstart the process by respecting and focusing on the audience’s experiences. Identify what they care about and design topic angles around their interests.

In today’s fast-paced world, audiences crave instant gratification. They consume content much like one flips through TV channels—making rapid decisions and swift tune-outs.

Don’t presume that your audience finds your content indispensable. How frequently do you switch radio stations or abandon a podcast during a typical 15-30 minute commute? Those fleeting moments of tune-in might be your only opportunity to leave an impression.

Level Up With Better Preparation

Here, preparation isn’t merely gathering content. It implies prepping to attract your fanbase. So, before you flip the microphone switch, arm yourself with a comprehensive plan that includes the following:

  • A Character Brand Profile: This is a crucial first step in creating a new show. You can’t reach your zenith unless you find your unique voice and a compelling reason to exist.
  • Know Your Target: A thorough audience understanding includes knowing their interests, values, and lifestyle.
  • A Brand Vision: Establish what you stand for and what you’re against.

A Reason To Exist

Everyone wants to lead a large, loyal fan base, but that can’t happen until you first attract attention. Your audience first responds to what you do before they fall head over heels for who you are (your character). However, they will never get to know you without a compelling reason to exist.

What would cause someone to explore your content, want to revisit it, and remember you for it? You need to provide a reason to exist, which often manifests as a fusion-force feature, much like how James Corden rose to fame with Carpool Karaoke. What will make your audience care about you?

Next Steps

  1. Evaluate your current brand and position. Are you connecting with the audience? Is your unique voice coming through loud and clear? Do you have a strong understanding of your character’s voice?
  2. Seek feedback: Encourage feedback to refine your character brand profile and identify opportunities that could be the primary thing for which you are known.
  3. Plan for the future: Create a plan to improve your brand. Remember to prepare a vision for your brand, identify your audience’s interests, and define your brand’s standpoints.


Are you making some of the common mistakes new shows, podcasters, and streaming video creators make? Don’t worry. It’s not unusual. It’s never too late to fix the problems, accelerate growth, and improve results. But it would be best to have a plan, starting with a Character Brand profile. There are more opportunities for talented performers than ever, but building a solid brand is more challenging because there’s so much competition.

Take a week or two to build a game plan with a clear strategy that will put you in a position to grow. In the long run, this is much faster than rushing to generate new content or continuing the same old methods.

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