Manage Radio Features Like Disneyland Manages Rides

Manage Radio Features Like Disneyland Manages Rides

by Tracy Johnson

Many broadcasters agonize over on-air  features. They love adding new ones, but often fail to move out the old. To stay out of programming ruts, PD’s must manage radio features.

One reason they end up keeping old, worn out show segments is simply because they’ve been doing them a long time. They figure that since it worked once, it’s still valid. Maybe. Maybe not.

Here’s the problem: When new features are added to keep the station fresh, it gets really crowded. There’s not enough room for any of them to breathe. Those features need to be pruned.

There’s a simple way to manage radio features.

Truth is, you only need one great feature to be #1. It’s The One ThingYet we hear show after show that present so many things nothing has a chance to really stick.

Manage Radio Features Like Disney

At Disneyland, they protect against ruts by forcing reinvention. It’s a concept called the “Weakest Ride Out.”


The Anaheim, California park has limited real estate. They can’t just expand. Yet the brand is constantly introducing new characters and attractions.

Weakest Ride Out means that no matter how popular it is, the poorest performing attraction is replaced with something new.

That doesn’t mean the oldest feature, nor the one the staff is most tired of. The weakest. Over time, the park constantly evolves, updating to reflect a changing demographic.

So if you haven’t been to Disneyland in the last 3-4 years, you haven’t been to Disneyland.

Manage Radio Features: Get Out of Ruts

Here’s how to apply this to your station.

First, mentally strip away all preconceived notions. This is zero-based programming.

Examine everything on your station and your show:

The bumper music, the production elements, regular features, jingles, stop set placement, promos, traffic, weather, music. Every detail. Be objective. Don’t protect your content because you are attached to them.

If you can’t justify a good reason for it to exist, dump it. If you can’t defend how each element is performed, drop it or update it. And when you decide that something needs to go, don’t wait for a replacement.

Get rid of your weakest rides to clear the way for new growth. This alone will give you a fresh perspective. You’ll hear it with fresh ears, and creativity will be unleashed.

This will keep the station fresh, yet familiar. Consistent, yet updated.

Manage Radio Features: Learning Theory

Basic learning theory  proves that humans understand sequentially. Each thing builds on something learned in the past. That’s why kids can’t learn advanced calculus until they know the basics. First they learn to count. Then add or subtract. Once that’s learned, they are ready for multiplication and division, then geometry, etc. Each builds on previous knowledge.

The familiarity of one lesson adds to the understanding and appreciation of the new concept.

So how can broadcasters decide which features are useful and which should be pruned?

Here’s a quick and easy way to find out:

Would listeners miss it if it weren’t there?

You can test this.

How To Test Strength of Radio Features

Start by skipping a day. Or a week. Did you get any response? Any at all? If you didn’t, or if it was minor, you face a decision:

Drop it

Because it’s not helping you. It’s dead wood. Replace it with something fresh and new or let the station breathe a bit more.

Fix it

You have a good idea, but it’s not being executed properly. Can you dress it up differently? Add some drama? This is like adding fertilizer to the plant to nurse it back to health.

Promote it

Maybe the feature is great, but nobody knows about it. Perhaps you should do it more often. Maybe every day. Maybe several times a day. Try to make it a meaningful mini-brand and see if it helps to make it more prominent.

You’ll be shocked at how few things listeners actually miss. Most of the time, you don’t need more. You need lessAnd do them more often!


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