More and more advertising buys are based on multiple points of engagement. Marketers expect brands to help them connect with the audience via email, social media, and on-location. The high expectations often conflict with good programming principles. But it’s possible to make an impact at promo events, even if the advertiser doesn’t have much going on.

Each event is an opportunity to engage current fans and recruit new ones. A little time and creativity can add value to even the most boring appearance. Here’s how:

How to Make An Impact At Promo Events

Play Games: Most games that work on the air are great at appearances. Trivia games are fun to play and get attention. They’re ideally suited for on-location promotions and give talent something to do that generates attention. Be sure to theme the games on topics that support the brand (music trivia, sports trivia, etc.). And try to play games on a big screen. They look bigger, better, and attract more people.

Broadcast Live…Online: Advertisers usually want a live presence from the event. So give them one. But keep it off-air! Run a live video stream and promote it with short promo announcements. This is particularly effective if playing a game. You could even sneak in a short interview with the owner or manager! Be sure to set up a great-looking video background. Try to use a video screen. If that’s not possible, set up a green screen. After the event, provide the highlights (and audience metrics) to the advertiser to use in further marketing.

Collect Audio: You’re in show business, and fans would love to be a part of it. So turn events into an opportunity to collect testimonials and audio for promos. Set up a small mobile studio. It doesn’t even have to be connected to anything. It’s mostly for the show! Route the microphone(s) to a hidden recorder (a smartphone or computer is sufficient). Ask guests questions about their likes and dislikes, then coach them to craft a response that can be used later. Make them a star!


Promotions and appearances can be a nuisance or an opportunity. Follow these guidelines to get promotional value from each event. It’ll help the advertiser, the listener, and the station brand!

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