Lucky? Here Are 5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

Lucky? Here Are 5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

by Tracy Johnson

Everybody knows someone they consider lucky. They’re always in the right place at the right time. Things just work out for them. They live a charmed life. They don’t deserve it. Why can’t some luck rub off on you?

Good fortune appears to smile on some. But I don’t think it’s that simple. There’s more to it than being born into a charmed life.

In the 1800s, American settlers decided there was such a thing as “Luck of the Irish”. During the Gold Rush, intolerant Americans looked on the hard-working Irish, claiming they weren’t smart enough to find gold. They blamed their success on being lucky, not good. And certainly not because they worked hard. It had to be luck.

The trend continues throughout history.

Today, radio personalities point to competitors and claim,

They’re lucky to have a full-time producer and a marketing budget. That’s why they’re winning.

Of course (show) has great ratings. They don’t have the talk restrictions we do.

The music on our show is too slow. They play better songs.

Maybe they work harder and smarter? Or perhaps they spent more time preparing content.  Maybe they hustle more. And what about attention to detail?

What is Lucky Anyway?

The truth is that people we call lucky simply work harder than others, and take advantage of the opportunity.

Luck has been described as happening at the intersection of opportunity and effort. Lucky folks take action and do things that put them in a position to capitalize because of preparation.

That’s why they’re winners. Not because someone up above is looking out for them.

For lucky people, it’s not about good luck or bad. It’s about the actions taken.

Unlucky personalities complain about Ryan Seacrest’s “lack of talent” without considering how hard he worked to become a success. Nah, couldn’t be effort or talent. He was just lucky.

There are no magic horseshoes or lucky charms, but there are five principles that enable you to make your own luck:

Focus on Strengths

Too much time and energy is wasted on weaknesses. It’s a waste of time.

Most wealthy people got that way by focusing on what they do best. They know how powerful Concentration of Force can be.

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Nobody is good at everything. It’s far more productive to focus on strengths and become great at one thing. This fuels success, and it’s more fun!

Becoming proficient in strengths opens doors. You’ll be amazed that things that come so easily for you are valuable to others.

Prepare To Be Lucky

Perpetually unlucky people are reactive and unprepared for the future. They rush around, trying to catch up.

Those who seem to be in the right place at the right time plan. They think and act strategically, adjusting tactics while following a plan.

Lucky people adjust when circumstances change, but never overreact to minor events. They are confident in the strategy that leads to success.

Luck follows.

Invest In Luck

Lucky people don’t wait for good things to happen. They make them happen by investing in success.

Luck tends to find those who start early and work late. They embrace the grind of doing small things (daily show prep, for example).

Most never evaluate a task or opportunity based on how long it will take or how busy they are. Or how much it pays. They question the impact it can have.

Unlucky personalities grumble that management won’t pay for them to take a course or attend a conference that will advance their career. Lucky people aren’t afraid to invest financially when it can push them forward.

Get Help!

Success comes from opportunity. Opportunities open through relationships, both in and out of the industry.

Lucky personalities and programmers share ideas and build a network that increases options. And that takes time and effort. Acknowledgment, celebrity status, and paid endorsements go to lucky personalities who have invested in relationships.

They embrace teaching, learning, and staying current. They find a way to get to Morning Show Boot Camp.

Winners find tools and resources like the Audience Magnet Course to launch their career and become a difference-making personality.

Lucky people view it as an investment, not a cost.

Follow Up

Opportunities disappear when people don’t respond.

Recently, a show reached out to me and we established a good relationship. I offered free advice because I believe they have the skills to become great. But they’re a long way from being ready for prime time.

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They sent a couple of full shows, and I spent hours on a written strategic critique to put them on a Personality Success Path. The document was a blueprint for growth.

Maybe they were offended. Maybe they disagreed. I have no idea because I got no reply at all. Crickets. That’s okay. I guess they’re just not destined to be lucky.

By the way, if you would like advice for your career path, let me know. I am happy to help with some feedback and my new Air Check Coaching service.


Nobody promised success would be easy.

Luck is based on commitment and effort, not a chance. It would be wonderful to buy a lottery ticket and win millions of dollars. Or be discovered by a talent scout and become an overnight success.

Success comes from making things happen, not crossing your fingers and hoping to be lucky.

Take your career into your own hands.

And good luck!


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