Everyone should have a routine to help them stay organized and perform to their highest potential. But sometimes we need a little help. So we’ve created a couple of tools to stay organized and sharp in the creative and evaluation process of performing a show.

One is a detailed checklist for a series of daily show prep meetings. Use it to improve communication between cast members, work further ahead, and not let anything slip through the cracks each day.

The other is a terrific resource for personalities to self-evaluate the performance of a segment. Programmers and coaches can also use it in aircheck sessions.

These tools are available now for clients and members of the Insiders Radio Network

Stay Organized and Sharp: The Daily Checklist

The Daily Creative Process is a grind, and it is especially difficult to constantly stay organized and on top of all the details that go into the planning, performance, and promotion of a winning show.

This guide helps  shows with:

  • Post-show analysis and evaluation.
  • Short-term (tomorrow) and long-term (next two weeks) preparation.
  • Preparing every detail so tomorrow’s show is awesome.
  • Promotion and marketing planning for today and tomorrow.
  • Pre-show updates to be ready to have a killer show.

For details and to download this guide, go here.

Segment Analysis Form

Most shows get far too little feedback. Some go months or even years without an aircheck session. Without input and coaching, it’s very difficult to grow. But not impossible. Some personalities have learned to aircheck themselves.

That’s why I’ve created this segment analysis form. It helps personalities evaluate their performance objectively. And programmers use it as a tool for talent to self-evaluate to start productive discussions during coaching sessions.

This segment analysis tool is used to dig deep into a single break and includes checkpoints to:

  • Analyze the emotional essence of the segment.
  • Determining the effectiveness of the entry point (hook).
  • Tracking and evaluating the flow of the content.

With the Segment Analysis Form, shows can stay sharp and organized even if management doesn’t take the time to work with them. And it’s a big time-saver for programmers.

For details and to download the tool, go here.


Check out these new tools and resources available at Insiders Radio Network. Both are a terrific productivity tool for personalities and programmers.


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