Just Being NICE Will Give You an Advantage

Just Being NICE Will Give You an Advantage

by Tracy Johnson

We need them, but we don’t act like it. Sure, we go through the motions and say the words, “Thank you for listening”, but more often than not we spend more time telling the audience how great we are. Just being nice will help you.

It’s almost as if we think we’re doing them a favor by broadcasting to them.

What is just being nice?

When is the last time you went out of your way to connect with them? As a personality or programmer who depends on the listener for success, doesn’t it make sense to interact with them at every opportunity?

Instead, we often rush them off of the telephone when they call. Or worse, don’t answer at all.

We shake hands at events without establishing eye contact. Or worse, hide in the back so we don’t have to meet them.

We don’t talk to them when we have a chance. Or worse, speak poorly about them to other listeners, calling them prize pigs.

We fire off emails or tweets with an impersonal or auto-response form. Or worse, ignore their attempts at personal contact.

Disney Customer Service: Just Being Nice

Disney is known as the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s more than a positioning statement or hollow marketing claim. It’s a commitment to customer service, and it’s ingrained in every employee.

At one of the Disney resort restaurants, a family was celebrating their child’s birthday at one of their famous character breakfasts. But the family was late and missed their reservation time. All of the later seatings were full. So there they were, sitting outside the breakfast, looking sad. A Disney employee noticed them.

She asked what was wrong, then sprang into action. Not only did they get in for breakfast, she put them in a front-row table, and the boy’s favorite character came around to lead the restaurant in singing Happy Birthday.

You might think this employee was a supervisor. But she wasn’t. She was a custodian, just sweeping and dusting. But she knew that serving the audience was the responsibility of every employee.

Your audience will be passionate about your station when you are passionate about them.

Your Station Is Like a Restaurant

Imagine your show as a restaurant. The audience is the customer. Your success depends on the customer having a great experience. Your goal is to get them to come back, and tell their friends.

Great restaurants go out of their way to make an impression on their customer base. The chef comes around to the table. The owner may stop by to find out how it’s going.

How about your station? What are you doing to make an impression on your audience? Would they come back again because of your service?

Conclusion: Just Being Nice

You can be a missing link to the audience. While most, if not all, of your competition is ignoring listeners, you have an opportunity. And just being nice to them will give you an advantage. Treat them like it.

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