Incredible Example of Using Unique Talent On Your Show [audio]

Incredible Example of Using Unique Talent On Your Show [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

The best content on your radio show will always be something that only you can do. The audience can’t get it anywhere else. This is an example of taking advantage of individual gifts and unique talent to truly stand out on the air.

In Green Bay, the morning team of Shotgun and Charli have a fun, interactive show each day, punctuated by Charlie’s great storytelling skills and Shotgun’s smooth hosting. The show sounds great. Check them out sometime here.

Aside from their individual personalities, there’s one thing on their show that stands out above everything else. Shotgun is a talented musician, and he cleverly applies those skills with an original song performed at the end of their Entertainment Report each morning.

Immediately after Charli’s report, Shotgun sings a 30-second (or so) summary of what you just heard. And it’s truly fantastic:

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Isn’t that terrific? It’s upbeat, bright, positive and has a sense of humor.

Unique Talent on Display

Shotgun puts the song together every morning before the show, and they use it as a perfect exclamation point for content that is otherwise fairly common. I mean, how many stations do you know that are not programming an entertainment segment? Not many. So the content itself isn’t unique. But how they do it is completely unique talent on display. It’s original.

This is the kind of feature that can become your one thing!

Are you doing something on your show that can’t be duplicated? What is it? Send along your ideas, and include audio. I’d love to feature it.

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