How Will You Talk About The Inauguration?

How Will You Talk About The Inauguration?

by Tracy Johnson

Joe Biden raises his right hand and becomes POTUS on Wednesday. The inauguration is a major topic, whether you’re in Washington, DC, or not. Even the most apolitical shows on music stations should talk about it.

Winning shows reflect the audience’s world through a personality brand filter. That’s one of the most important ingredients in building and defining an effective show prep strategy.

Unfortunately, many personalities get stuck when trying to find a way to talk about topics associated with politics in any way. That’s a mistake. An inauguration is an event that captures the attention of listeners.¬† You don’t have to talk about insurrection, red vs. blue, or policy,

Here are a few resources and ideas to help find a way to talk about it on your show:

The Inauguration: The Entertainment Angle

It’s not hard for music stations to find an entertaining angle.

Lady Gaga is singing the national anthem, and J-Lo is performing at the ceremony. And that’s just the start. Wednesday night’s party and a Hollywood TV special are both filled with stars.

  • The swearing-in ceremony begins at 11:30 am ET Wednesday morning. Lady Gaga opens with The Star-Spangled Banner and Jennifer Lopez will perform.
  • The Inaugural Ball is Wednesday night, this time set as a made-for-TV event. It features a special performance by Hamilton star Christopher Jackson. Other performances include Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, and others. Tom Hanks is hosting and will be joined by Eva Longoria, and Kerry Washington.
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Great Resources

You aren’t there, so hook up with a correspondent that is.

  • Julia Ziegler is head of programming for one of the world’s great radio stations, WTOP/Washington. She and her team are great as guests and are willing to help. Email Julia at [email protected] to coordinate.
  • Bill Hess oversees programming for Cumulus News/Talk stations and programs WMAL/Washingon (a talk station). He used to program music stations, and totally understands the challenge of being relatable without getting political. Contact Bill at [email protected]
  • For updates on the inauguration, check this FAQ page, which is continuously updated from WTOP.

Topic Ideas

Who would you want to perform at your inauguration?

  • A takeoff of election promises: New presidents make promises about their next four years. In your life, what promises do you want to accomplish in the next four years? Or, what can you personally guarantee that you will accomplish over the next 4 years? This is a unique, topical way to get into goals and dreams.
  • Music and performances are a big part of the event. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a 46-song inauguration playlist¬†featuring carefully-curated songs that appeal to a broad range of people. It features everything from Dua Lipa to Led Zeppelin. If you were to become President, what would be on your playlist and why? Or, suggest songs Biden/Harris should have on their playlist.
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The inauguration is the biggest event this week. It’s the most significant party of 2021 so far and will enjoy that status at least until the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.

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