You Have To Hear This Amazing Imaging Promo

You Have To Hear This Amazing Imaging Promo

by Tracy Johnson

Sometimes a piece of audio comes along I have to share. I just received an amazing imaging promo for 99.5 The Wolf in Dallas and it’s a terrific example of validating audience choices.

A central principle in the seminar Promo Power is a simple formula to guide programmers and producers. I call it IEI. The anagram represents a tool to evaluate how effective a promo is. There’s a detailed explanation in the seminar on-demand here¬†and an in-depth article here. But here is a short summary.

  • I is for Imaging. A great promo should reinforce station brand values.
  • E stands for Education. This goal is to help listeners understand more about the station.
  • The other I is for Influence. The primary objective for most promos should be to cause the audience to take action, preferably by listening more.

A great promo accomplishes all three objectives. A good promo ticks two of the boxes. And an acceptable promo achieves one.

But since radio stations can’t succeed with “acceptable”, a promo that is exclusively Imaging, Education, or Influence must be outstanding. Not just good. Or even great. But outstanding.

This amazing imaging promo is just that.

The Wolf’s Imaging Promo Series

Several Country stations owned by Cumulus produce an imaging promo series that simply reinforces what the brand stands for. The Wolfpack promos are produced by Benztown.

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And they do just one thing: Image the station around brand values. But what a great series. Here’s an explanation of the promos and an example of one of my favorites:

Why This Promo Works

For those that didn’t want to hear the full explanation, here are the highlights that make this stand out:

  • The IEI formula holds up: This promo is great at one of the three attributes: Imaging.
  • I love how it makes a profound statement about brand values without using song hooks. That’s art.
  • It’s unique to The Wolf/Dallas, loaded with local references and connecting with Texas Country.
  • Using listeners to describe their favorite station is a terrific tool, as long as listeners make a statement. These testimonials are powerful.
  • Notice how the station voice blends perfectly with listeners. This promo flows!
  • The dramatic production builds energy. You can feel the pride of a Wolf listener saying, “This is my station”.


Most on-air promos should target only current station listeners. After all, 100% of the audience has heard of and probably has some level of knowledge about the brand. But this imaging promo is so powerful, it transcends my normal recommendations. I love it.

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Do you have a favorite promo to share with the community? Send it along and I’ll showcase the best examples here.


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