Every day we read about stations flipping to an All-Christmas format and there are good reasons for it. Most stations are in holiday programming, competing with someone who is, or trying to figure out what to do about it. Tracy Johnson Media Group has created some amazing holiday programming and personality resources to help you through the Christmas season.

Holiday Programming And Personality Resources

This is go-time for making Christmas programming plans and we have you covered from making important programming decisions to special programming, promotions, and show prep.

Workshop: Start with this terrific overview from Mike Shepard, Andy Meadows, and me. The Christmas Programming Workshop replay is available on-demand now here. Here are a couple of highlights:

How to Be Strategic and Purposeful With Christmas Programming:

Stations playing Christmas music should observe best practices for introducing holiday tunes at the right time:

Should stations play new holiday songs by artists that fit their regular format? Be careful:

There’s great advice for stations using All-Christmas music as a stunt to get attention for a format flip in January:

 Holiday Programming Downloads

TJMG eBook: Get our all-new Christmas Programming and Promotion Guide. It’s crammed with detailed analysis of who should – and who shouldn’t – be all-in for Christmas, how to leverage the holidays for the greatest rating gains, and how every station and personality can reflect the holidays most effectively. There are recommendations for all stations in all formats and markets.

Christmas Music Research: Ken Benson’s P1 Media has released his new safe list of Christmas songs. It’s a free, indispensable tool for anyone playing any Christmas music. Get the new list here or here.

Promotion & Content Ideas

Insiders: Insiders Radio Network is a rich source of ideas and detailed guides for Holiday programming, promotions, features, contests, and more. and, personalities should check out the article about how to brainstorm original Christmas content. This alone will help you build enough content for several holiday seasons.

Personality Content: The Christmas personality section is now live on our show prep service at PersonalityMagnet.com. Get hundreds of topics, listener situations, and game ideas.

And There’s More

Here are some of the most popular Christmas ideas.

Do you wonder what would happen if Santa Claus were air checked by a program director? Go here.

Tips To Sound Great When Everyone Is Off For The Holidays


For more details, check out this quick video guide to holiday programming and personality.

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