How Radio Companies Can (Finally) Get Help For Air Talent

How Radio Companies Can (Finally) Get Help For Air Talent

by Tracy Johnson

Radio station management: You’re on notice. It’s time to get help for air talent. The vast majority of radio personalities are not getting the time, attention or coaching they want and need.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it.

Management should realize that personalities are their single most important investment. Nothing has a more valuable return for dollars spent.

Pew Research is a trusted research firms. According to Pew, radio personalities are a primary driver of listener satisfaction. They report that 67% (that’s two out of three) respondents say air talent is important to them.

As if that’s not enough, 64% of the survey’s respondents indicate they would follow their favorite personality to another station!

This is dramatic research data. But Pew isn’t alone. There’s more evidence of the value of talent.

High profile personalities top the list of reasons for top of mind awareness (TOMA) and recall. Great talent always rates higher than the station format, contests or music preferences. More listeners will talk about a favorite personality than can identify the style of music a station plays.

But there’s a problem.

The Problem: Where To Get Help For Air Talent

Maybe you saw the Jacobs Media research that shows how few air personalities are critiqued or coached.

Very few personalities are coached at all. Many report that it’s been over a year since their last air check session. Some even say they have never been air checked by their supervisor.

Once you recover from the initial shock, you probably have a most logical question: “Why?”.

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I get it. Air checking talent takes time, which is a precious commodity for programmers and managers today. I recently spoke with the VP of Programming for a group of 12 stations. All 12 stations report directly to him for all things programming. He had just finished preparing 7 (yes, SEVEN) music logs for the following day. This was just before he started his four hour afternoon drive show (performed live) on the rock station. It’s not a small market, either. It’s a Top 50 market.

Who has time? Even if there were enough hours in the day for a meeting, air check sessions aren’t productive without preparation and planning.

If the value of personality to radio brands is higher than ever, and you’re at risk for losing nearly two thirds of the audience if talent leaves, shouldn’t you invest in that resource?

Yet this critically important thing becomes a task that takes a back seat to the urgent.

The Solution

That’s why Tracy Johnson Media Group now offers an  air check talent coaching service. It’s for personalities who aren’t getting feedback, programmers who want a second set of ears and managers that don’t have the time or expertise to coach talent.

We offer direct, one-on-one coaching for personalities through air check critique.

The process is simple:

  • Schedule a session online
  • Upload an air check
  • Get personal feedback in a one-hour session

You can book a session with any of the TJMG consultants and talent coaches, including Andy Meadows, Mike Shepard or me.

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Management is welcome (and encouraged) to attend he session.


Developing talent is more than a good idea for when you have time. It’s a critical part of your station’s success and the industry’s future. And now you can get help for air talent. That’s what we do.

Tracy Johnson Media Group’s Air Check Coaching Sessions are effective, and available at your convenience.

Try it out. Schedule a coaching session with one of our consultants. Get details here:

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