Get That Gig Q & A

Get That Gig Q & A

by Tracy Johnson

The Get That Gig seminar was wildly successful, and a week later, more and more questions come in. It’s exciting to see so many personalities, programmers and other radio pros use the tools and resources to power their efforts to get the radio job of their dreams. So many great questions have come in, it seemed prudent to answer them all in a Get That Gig Q & A.

In the video below, I address questions such as:

  • Should the air check demo really be just 3 minutes long-even for a talk show?
  • How can I make a creative, fun resume’ without it looking like a cartoon?
  • I’m a PD. How can my air check represent how great all my stations sound?
  • How much detail in job history should be included?
  • Most companies are requiring a form to apply for a job. How can I make a personal connection?

Get That Gig Q & A

So here you go. The most asked questions from the Get That Gig seminar so far:

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Have a question? We’d be happy to answer it and point you in the right direction. Just send an email to [email protected] com.

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