Just Getting it Over The Net Won’t Win Wimbledon

Just Getting it Over The Net Won’t Win Wimbledon

by Tracy Johnson

In net sports like tennis and volleyball, you often hear the phrase “Just get it over the net!”

At most levels of competition, just getting the ball over the net can result in victory, just by keeping the volley alive until your opponent commits enough errors to lose. You don’t win the match so much as you avoid losing the match.

But that only works for awhile.

Today, listening to the radio worldwide, stations sound like they’re “competing” to win just by trying to get the ball over the net. The music is good enough, the talent preps enough, there’s enough innovation. Sales pushes just hard enough, the promos and liners are just creative enough.

Good enough isn’t good enough.

As long as everyone else cooperates by making enough mistakes or sucking enough, you can come out ahead.

Don’t Get It Over The Net

Forget that. I want to win by rushing the net, spiking the ball, acing my serves and placing my shots. If it’s out of bounds, so what?! I’ll get the next point. If I fault, I get another serve! If the other guys win, it’ll be because they are better. But they will have to win it, because we won’t sit back and lose.

Today, if all you can are capable of is getting the ball over the net, invest in yourself by learning how to do your job better. The internet is full of articles and videos on every aspect of broadcasting, sales and promotions. Find them and learn how they work.

And realize that when you start doing something new and innovative, you’re gonna fail.

But I’d rather fail big trying new things than suffer another day hearing the same show I heard yesterday.

I’d rather take phone calls from clients complaining that sales people are too aggressive than knowing we are getting crumbs and wondering if we left money on the table.


The time to be impressed with small victories is over. The time to play big is now.

You don’t win Wimbledon by just getting it over the net.

Thanks to Ray Gibson, Managing Partner of Boss 104 and Star 101, and managing partner of Choice Broadcasting in Guam. Ray shared this story with his staff. Ray’s son plays volleyball. His daughter is a tennis player. His advice to coaching them has applications for all broadcasters. Listen to his stations Boss 104 here and Star 101 here.


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