How the Feature Tough Love Turns Into A Promotion [audio]

How the Feature Tough Love Turns Into A Promotion [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

If it’s not already taken in your market, you should take a long, hard look at the feature, Tough Love Starring Siri. It continues to perform well in every research project I’ve seen. And one station carrying it just hit it out of the park building a promotion around it.

The daily feature asks a life advice question of Siri, the voice of the iPhone. Siri answers with a funny, and most unexpected response.

As mentioned, the research is terrific. In fact, it’s the best testing radio feature I’ve ever seen. It’s working in all market sizes. And because there are three versions of each response (family-friendly, PG-13, Edgy), it works for virtually all formats.

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But it really comes alive when the station embraces it.

The Feature

Pat & JT are the morning show on KQKQ/Omaha. Here’s how Tough Love sounds on their show:


The Promotion

Instead of just giving away cash to the xxth caller (boring), KQKQ gave away Siri-ous money. When the audience won, they petitioned Siri for the cash. I asked Pat Safford (of Pat & JT) for a summary:

This promotion satisfies the contest players. But it does far more. It is an example of entertaining the audience that may not be interested in playing for cash. And it shines a spotlight back to a core feature of the highly rated morning show.

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This is how a mini-brand can enhance your station brand. The station’s promotion has personality, and their cash giveaway acts as a promotion for the morning how. Fantastic.

Check to see if it’s available in your market by visiting the Tough Love website. At just $99 per month (or available by barter), it’s a no-brainer for your show.

Find out more about Tough Love, and reserve it for your market here.


Author: Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson specializes in radio talent coaching, radio consulting for programming and promotions and developing digital strategies for brands.

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