Radio Personalities Should Be The Face of Your Brand

Radio Personalities Should Be The Face of Your Brand

by Tracy Johnson

I’ve been saying it for awhile now, and it’s time to say it again. Air personalities are the future of radio. And it’s high time to make them the face of your brand.

In the past, radio was able to compete for four main positions in the lives of an audience:

  1. Music
  2. Information
  3. Promotion
  4. Personality

That’s changed, and you know it. Radio is fast losing the position of being the “go to” media for music.

Information is transmitted in seconds via mobile devices. By the time it’s on the radio, alerts and notifications have popped up on phones.

And promotion is more challenging than ever in a world. How can radio out-promote a $1 billion lottery prize?

Those things still have a place on commercial radio. I’m just making the case that we can no longer win the position.

But there’s one advantage that will sustain into the future: Personality. And that’s where brands should invest.

Radio Personalities As Face Of The Brand

Establishing talent as the face of the brand is risky, and probably scares you.

First, they must be truly strong personalities that command an audience’s attention. Promoting average talent or DJs that don’t move the needle won’t get you anywhere.

If you don’t have high profile talent, we should talk. You probably need a talent coach.

So let’s assume you have a great personality, but are still reluctant to invest in talent. After all, what if they leave at the end of their contract? What would happen if a superstar talent takes the audience across the street? And isn’t it a disadvantage when negotiating that next contract?

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Those are considerations, for sure. But that doesn’t stop the Patriots from promoting Tom Brady, the Angels Mike Trout or a movie studio promoting Tom Hanks. They’re stars, and they attract audiences.

Building a brand on talent is more opportunity than risk.

5 Ways To Promote Personalities

Here are 5 ways to build a radio station by making personalities the face of the brand.

  1. Make them spokesperson(s) for the brand. Use them to position programming features, music and contests.
  2. Build the name into station positioning. Imaging and promos should be built around unique content and stars that create it. Radio stations can’t be the place for Justin Bieber, but can be the place for the morning talent. Connect the stars to the station brand. 
  3. Develop high profile features performed by interesting personalities. That’s the fastest way to become familiar and move through the Personality Success Path.
  4. Build a social media presence around the talent, rather than forcing them to fit into the station’s social pages. Wouldn’t you be more likely to follow Game of Thrones on social media than HBO? Listeners are much more likely to be fans of air talent than a “faceless” brand.
  5. Make radio talent more important on the website. Especially use video. It’s amazing how many stations have more information about artists and songs than their own stars.


Stations that promote personalities connect with audiences more than those that promote “More Music Workdays”.

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The bottom line is radio needs stars on the radio. Broadcasters should not be afraid of them. Find them, nurture them, embrace them and promote them. It’s the one resource that can drive our future.

Let us help build a personality show for your station. We specialize in developing on-air superstars. For more information check out the talent coaching and consulting services here.


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