Do You Get Enough Complaints? Probably Not. Here’s How To Fix It

Do You Get Enough Complaints? Probably Not. Here’s How To Fix It

by Tracy Johnson

That title is weird. What do you mean by, “getting enough complaints”? From great interest comes great passion. From great passion comes a large fan base. From a large, passionate fan base, comes negative feedback. Is your show getting enough complaints? Because you can’t have a strong following without detractors.

Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world. They have their fans, as you know. And they have one of the largest, most passionate anti-Apple community. As soon as the I-Device comes out, the interweb will be filled with people complaining about it and criticizing Apple for any number of things.

The New York Yankees are one of the world’s most recognized and most popular sports franchises. They are also the world’s most hated sports team. Howard Stern has one of the largest radio audiences in history. He gets more TSL from those who say they hate him than those who say they love him. He gets enough complaints to make your general manager want to leave the industry!

Do you want a large, dedicated fan base? Good. So do I. You should want fans like Apple, the Yankees and Howard. But as your fan base increases, the complaints will rise. It’s unavoidable.

Good Complaints vs. Bad Complaints

Pay attention to your audience, and by all means monitor feedback. Do not ignore complaints. Sometimes complaints are valid. However, you have to listen with the right filter and know who’s complaining.

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If your show has built a 5-star personality brand, you know the boundaries for your character brand. If the complaint is in regards to content that is consistent with your profile, it’s a good complaint. If you find that you’ve violated your brand expectation, it’s a bad complaint.

And, if you have a defined target audience persona, you know who your personality is for. If the complaint comes from someone that fits that persona, you should take it more seriously than if it comes from outside that persona.

But without the confidence inspired by the personality profile or persona, it’s easy to become uncertain. Because those complaints are loud, even if you know they’re coming from a tiny fraction of your audience. It’s natural to be fearful, and fear of failure is often the result of hearing from detractors.

The Prolific Zone

The most interesting personalities attract audiences because fans love them, and can relate to them. That love is never inspired by ordinary talent that is in the middle. Nor is at the extreme edges of the Prolific Index.

The Prolific Index was created by Russel Brunson, founder of He makes the point that in order to attract an audience, they must be fascinated with the personality. And only prolific personalities command fascination. But that doesn’t mean you should go off to the extreme edges of reason. The “crazy zone” is too polarizing, and the audience isn’t large enough to matter. The goal is to position your personality out of the mainstream middle, and live in the Prolific Zone.

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The most successful talent is bold about sharing their personal quirks and even their unpopular opinions, while maintaining their likable traits and qualities. Being in that zone will attract a large audience…and complaints.

When is the last time you got a complaint?

Conclusion: Getting Enough Complaints

Obviously, you don’t go out of your way to drive people away. But do you go out of your way to avoid complaints? Fine. You’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of the Zone of Mediocrity. You won’t have to deal with negatives. But you also won’t have a loyal group of followers who love you. Does the audience care enough to comment? If you never get a complaint, you probably aren’t generating enough positive passion.

That’s the case with most talent. Chances are, your show isn’t getting enough complaints.

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