Personality Profile: Dan Patrick, Master Interviewer

Personality Profile: Dan Patrick, Master Interviewer

by Tracy Johnson

Dan Patrick is a master interviewer. I’m a sports fan, and listen to a lot of sports talk radio. But it wouldn’t matter what the subject was. Dan Patrick is one of the best hosts I’ve ever heard when interacting with and interviewing guests.

In an interview on his daily talk show on Fox Sports Radio, Patrick talked to Dan Plesac, a former major league pitcher and current personality on the MLB TV network.

Listen to how seamlessly Plesac becomes part of the show with Patrick, blending into the conversation. That’s not an accident.

Here’s are a few of the skills that makes this break so special:

He Doesn’t Change His Show

Many times, the show changes when a guest comes on. That never happens with Dan Patrick. Guests fit into the fabric of what is already happening on the air. A great storyteller makes the story work for him or her, and Dan remains in command of his content. It never gets away from him,

He Is Prepared

Patrick is well-informed and exceptionally well-prepared. He knows Plesac’s background and has relevant and important questions. They talk about what is happening in baseball now and cover Plesac’s past.

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He Respects His Guest

By asking the right questions, his guest is at ease, and comes off as an expert. Plesac is a fun personality on his own, but notice how he gets more and more animated the longer he’s on. He’s loving every minute of his time with Patrick.

When guests open up, it brings more personality out of the host.

Dan Patrick Listens and Responds

Patrick’s pace is terrific. He moves forward but it never feels rushed. And he listens to the answers. He actually listens! Then he responds with thoughtful comments and follow-up questions.

This is another clue that he’s done his homework. Only by being thoroughly prepped can he be comfortable enough to allow the content to breathe.

He Takes What The Guest Gives Him

Patrick obviously has a list of questions prepared, but he’s not a slave to the list. He goes with the flow, indulging Plesac when the conversation ignites, and moving forward before it stalls. The interview has a nice rhythm to it.


This interview with Dan Plesac is nothing but fun, sprinkled with great insight, pointed questions and just enough nostalgia to add yet another layer of interest.

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Between the segments, total time was over 21 minutes. And you know what? He left me wanting more. It ended too soon.

Photo credit: Dan Patrick Show
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