Steal These Creative Personality Promos That Drive Image, Online Traffic and Tune In [audio]

Steal These Creative Personality Promos That Drive Image, Online Traffic and Tune In [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

It’s hard to truly change listener behavior. But with consistently effective promotion, we can persuade listeners to find us and use us more. Creative personality promos are important for air talent. But applying some imagination can accomplish much more than you might think.

Each promo should accomplish at least one of three primary goals: Drive tune-in, advance a storyline or establish personality traits for show characters. If they do all three, that’s a bonus. But there’s a new campaign on The New Sweet 98.5 in Omaha that takes the concept one step further.

Creative Personality Promos That Drive Response

The station’s morning show, Pat & JT, are high profile celebrities in the market. Their show is full of great moments that feature fun and interesting perspectives on life in general. But their promos were fairly typical of what you hear on many stations. It was mostly a snapshot of one of the highlights from that morning’s show, followed by an invitation to listen tomorrow morning.

We changed the approach. Now, the promos are shorter, create more curiosity and drive traffic to the station’s website. From there, the audience is encouraged to share content and invited to listen at a specific time the following morning.

Radio Matters Most When The Audience Needs You [audio]

It’s a terrific, interactive approach that works.

Pat & JT’s Sweetest Moment

Each promo is designed to capture the fun feel of the show, but not give away the story that leads to the punchline. The goal is to provoke enough curiosity to cause the audience to go to the station’s website to hear that day’s featured segment. Here’s how the promos sound:

Example One: Hug a Hooker

Example Two: It Wasn’t Me

Once on the website at, listeners are able to hear the entire segment. And, the station can promote a segment with similar appeal at a specific time the next day.


Most radio promos give away the payoff and fail to offer a call-to-action. This campaign provides both. And it delivers traffic to the station’s digital platform. This is similar to the approach Entertainment Tonight takes with much of their content. The daily email newsletter teases you with the top stories, delivering you to a video on their website. The video provides a payoff, but directs you to that day’s ET for updates and more information.

Feature: Is Anyone Listening Who.. .[audio]

The more you can deliver entertainment value and a call to action, the better your chances for engagement. How are your station promos? What creative approach have you taken? Share your ideas and audio here.

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Author: Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson specializes in radio talent coaching, radio consulting for programming and promotions and developing digital strategies for brands.

For more than 30 years, Johnson has been developing on-air superstars that attract fans, retain audiences and generate revenue.

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