If Content is King, Who’s the Queen?

If Content is King, Who’s the Queen?

by Tracy Johnson

You’ve heard it over and over. It’s all about content. Content is king. But is it? The most compelling material on the air is useless if nobody knows about it.

On the air and off, broadcasters emphasize more. Get that blog post out there. Send that email blast. Post four times per show on Facebook. Tweet. Run more promos.

There’s a premium on content quantity. The problem is that even great content tends to get lost in a sea of content.

I have no quarrel with those who prioritize content creators. It’s a prerequisite for engagement. But if content is king, promotion is most definitely queen.

Long Live the Queen

Today, Queen Promotion has more power than the king. Seriously.

Promotion is the act of spreading the word about your offering.

Whether it’s a station event, contest, a show feature or a segment, promotion should be part of content creation. Getting attention is just as challenging as creating the content. Perhaps more!

Promote Episodes

Television networks don’t promote a series as much as the next episode in the series.

They promote the story, and demonstrate humor or drama. The goal is to attract viewers to sample one show, which leads to a much better chance for a return engagement.

Treat each element as a promotional opportunity to draw attention. Awareness follows.

A radio show is like a TV series in some ways, and each break (features, bits, ideas, etc) is an episode.

Craft episodes to attract more tune in. Then promote the episode aggressively. This is the Art of the Tease combined with show promos inside your show!

It doesn’t make sense to run a promo without a specific CTA (Call to Action). Fans already get it. They know who you are and what you’re for. Non-fans who happen to be tuned in won’t be convinced by a promo. So doesn’t it make sense to persuade them to sample a some greatness?

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Ask For A Little, Get A Lot

Some stations ask for too much from a listener. No promo campaign will change a listener’s favorite station. That’s not the goal of promotion. It’s an outcome over time.

Focus on what can be influenced.

Affect their behavior one action at a time and do it often. Over time, you’ll get more fans.

The concept extends to all media platforms.

Promote a compelling blog post, and fans will come back. Make it great and they may tweet it, share it or bookmark it. Ignite a conversation on Facebook with colorful and relevant promotion, and the audience will respond.

Content Is King: Long Live the King

So how does Queen Promotion support King Content? Here are four ways:

Recycle. Support on-air content by repurposing the best material online. Dropping breadcrumbs online can leverage the power of promotion to build anticipation and expectation for upcoming episodes.

Tease. Develop clever language to inspire curiosity for the best material. This can’t be constructed in the last 30 seconds as the song fades. It takes thought, creativity and focus. Content marketers advise spending 80% of prep time on promotion.

Ask For Listening. Don’t be shy about asking the audience to listen. They love what you’re doing on the air so make it easy to find more. Some personalities are afraid followers or fans will consider it hype. It’s not. Think of it as a programming guide for fans.

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Prune The Show. Get rid of dead wood that clutters the air without providing meaningful, promotable opportunities. Get rid of anything that’s not “A” material. It’s better to recycle or repeat than allow weak content.


The goal is to attract and lead a community of devoted listeners. That takes great content. That’s why content is King. Without great content, there’s nothing to promote.

But Promotion is Queen, and it shouldn’t surprise you that the Queen works harder. Radio shows will have more success by spending more time with the Queen.

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