9 Ways to Win the Moment at Concerts

9 Ways to Win the Moment at Concerts

by Tracy Johnson

Being the official “presenting” station for concerts in your market is great, but you don’t have to be the official concert station to win the moment.

What you actually do at events can be a difference-maker. When you provide a great fan experience in the presence of an important format artist, you win with existing listeners and may be able to attract new sampling.

Here are 89ideas to optimize live and local music events.

9 Ways to Win the Moment at Concerts

How can you win the concert promotion to associate your brand with the artist? Here are some ideas.

Meet the Artist

This is fairly standard for many radio stations, but to a music fan, few things top the ability to meet the performer. It’s special, it’s magic and it creates a memory that lasts a lifetime. It’s one of those experiences that money can’t buy.

When arranging those meet and greet moments, make it special. Celebrate it by making the winner a celebrity. Be sure they get a photo or video to post or tweet, and give you credit. Better yet, use the Go Fan Base app to make sure the winner gets the photo immediately, shares it, and links back to your Facebook or Instagram page.

It also helps to have high profile air talent at the event, and in the photos with the winners. it adds even more appeal to the winner, and connects your brand to the artist even more closely.

Special Performance

Sometimes artists (especially up and coming bands) are willing to do a small private show or allow a small audience to come to the sound check before the performance.

This is another of those Money Can’t Buy events. If you can get the artist to come to your station for the special performance, set up multiple winners to attend. Record it all (audio and video) for on-demand playback, and use the highlights on the air.

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Meet Your Audience

Put on a show every time you are in public. Be sure there’s something exciting to do at your booth, tent or vehicle. Make sure you staff looks good and comes ready to interact with the crowd.

Capture testimonials and listener audio. Don’t just hire promotions interns that take care of the basics. Hire cast members that are part of the experience. The better you look, the bigger the impact.

At a Justin Bieber show, Z90 in San Diego set up a cutout of the Biebs and took listener pictures with him. They then emailed the photo to the listener, which built the station’s database. Not only that, it created content for the website and spread virally through fans’ social sites.

And while on the subject, make sure your air talent is there to shake hands and take pictures. Give the audience your “A” team.


Prizes are always popular, butT-shirts, stickers and keychains won’t make an impact. It’s a waste of money. Think about how you can capture the moment. How about a limited edition sticker or card featuring the artist with an invitation to listen to the morning show to win an artist-related prize tomorrow morning?

This is inexpensive, and very sponsor-friendly. You just need to think ahead.

Seat Upgrades

Instead of giving away your front row seats, save them for one of your fans at the event, and give them a VIP experience. For added impact, have them register to win the upgrades at the event to build your database even more!

This tactic also works for giving away an instant backstage meeting. When they enter, get their mobile number and text the winner to meet you backstage to be introduce to the artist. Get photos and video, and send the photo of the winner to all who entered! It’s a great payoff to a strong promotion.

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UGC at the Show

Virtually everyone in the crowd has a camera with them, so set up a photo promotion on your site and Facebook, with a unique hashtag to reference. Remind them to enter their best concert photos during the show for a chance to win an artist related prize such as autographed memorabilia or other unique items.

Naming Rights

Give away naming rights to your event an individual winner. John Doe Presents Katy Perry in Concert! Print it on each ticket, promote them on all materials, put them in the front row and promote the event on the air to make the listener a household name. Give it away via online registration to build your database.


There are more way to capitalize on your appearances. This is only a beginning. What are your ideas?


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