2 Minute Drill: Cliffhangers

2 Minute Drill: Cliffhangers

by Tracy Johnson

The 2-minute drill is a weekly video featuring radio consultant and talent coach Tracy Johnson. Each short episode focuses on an aspect of personality radio. Tracy talks about the importance of learning to build suspense on the air through cliffhangers.

2 Minute Drill: Cliffhangers Highlights:

  • Learn to advance a bit to just the right moment so listeners feel they have to know the outcome
  • Then find a way to bounce the audience to another segment or day.
  • Each break should be self-contained but can be part of a longer storyline.
  • It’s the audio version of chapters in a book or episode in a TV series.
  • This requires planning, preparation, and experience.
  • It may help to plan breaks with a storyboard.
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