Using a Great Feature to Enhance a Show’s Brand [audio]

Using a Great Feature to Enhance a Show’s Brand [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

How do you reinvent a great radio brand with legendary personalities to stay on top of the market? By constantly evolving with new ideas, new techniques and fresh content. And one way to do that is developing a great feature that serves a purpose.

That’s what has happened with Bell Media’s Hot AC C100/Halifax. The morning show, starring Peter (Harrison), Moya (Farrell) and JC Douglas is on top of its’ game. They continue to rack up #1 ratings, particularly with women.

One of the tactics they’ve used to stay relevant and relatable is the feature Tough Love Starring Siri. They launched the hilarious daily feature last July, and it’s become one of the show’s most popular elements.

Recently, Strategic Solutions Research conducted a research project featuring dial test technology for the station. Respondents responded to morning show segments moment-by-moment, allowing the station to evaluate listener behavior in real time.

A Great Feature On Display

Tough Love simply killed it. Listen and watch the responses below:

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Peter, Moya & JC do a great job interacting with the syndicated elements, and they regularly customize Siri’s clever responses with local references.

A sense of humor or being funny is the most desirable quality in a radio personality. Some personalities have that trait naturally. But if you don’t, a feature can fill that role in the show. In this case, it adds a dimension that the show doesn’t have naturally.


As in other tests, this is yet another confirmation that Tough Love is the best testing radio feature I’ve seen. It works for all demos and formats, as there are multiple versions of each episode to choose from.

It’s just $99 per month, and If it’s available in your market, you should lock it in for your station today.

Want more details: Here’s how it works:

By the way, Tough Love holds up over time. Many clients using it have been airing it daily for a couple of years and it just doesn’t burn.

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