Using a Great Feature to Enhance a Show’s Brand [audio]

Using a Great Feature to Enhance a Show’s Brand [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

How can a radio station reinvent a great brand with legendary personalities to stay on top of the market? That’s a challenge. In this case, C100 in Halifax did it by constantly evolving with new ideas. Their team adopted new techniques and fresh content, and leveraged a great feature to add a greater sense of humor to their brand.

Bell Media’s Hot AC in Halifax is C100. The morning show, starring Peter, Melody and JC Douglas is on top of its’ game. They continue to perform at the top of the market, particularly with women.

One of the tactics they’ve used to stay relevant and relatable is the feature Tough Love . The syndicated content features Siri and Alexa responding in unexpected ways to life advice questions. Written and produced by Los Angeles based comedian and air personality Brian Moote, the feature interacts with local air personalities to add the most valuable of all traits for a radio show: Humor.

It has already become one of the show’s most popular features, just a few months after launch. How do we know it’s working? We tested it.

A Great Feature On Display

Recently, Strategic Solutions Research conducted a research project featuring dial test technology. This allows us to measure exactly how audiences respond to on air segments.

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Each respondent was asked to react to morning show segments moment-by-moment. Turning their dial higher indicated they like what they’re hearing. They turn it lower if they don’t.

Each segment starts with the score at 5o and can range from 0 to 100. A score of 65 and above is generally considered quite good.

The research allows a station to evaluate listener behavior in real time.

Tough Love is simply killing it. Listen and watch the responses below:

C100 does a great job interacting with the syndicated elements.

A sense of humor or being funny is the most desirable quality in a radio personality. Some personalities have that trait naturally. But if you don’t, a feature can fill that role in the show. In this case, it adds a dimension that the show doesn’t have naturally.


As in other tests, this is yet another confirmation that Tough Love is the best testing radio feature I’ve seen.

By the way, Tough Love holds up over time. Many clients using it have been airing it daily for a couple of years and it just doesn’t burn. The feature is market exclusive, and if available in your town, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

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Details on Tough Love Feature

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