10 Can’t Miss Ways to Build Your Twitter Audience

10 Can’t Miss Ways to Build Your Twitter Audience

by Lisa Waters

You may have the best content on the planet, but if you don’t build your Twitter audience, you won’t enjoy all the benefits of your creativity. Twitter is a powerful tool that can spread your popularity quickly, But many stations miss the point on how to build a following.

Here are 10 can’t-miss ways to build your Twitter audience.

Build Your Twitter Audience

Okay, so you have your account, and you’re ready to tweet. How do we get an audience?  You don’t build a Twitter audience through on-air promotion. The vast majority of Twitter mentions on the radio is nothing but clutter that gets in the way of communicating with audiences.


The majority of your listeners are not on Twitter. It slightly annoys them because you’re promoting something that they don’t use. Every time you mention it, they are excluded. And you do nothing to make them want to sign up for Twitter. In fact, it probably bugs the people who already follow you. If they follow you, they already are fans.

A much more efficient way of growing followers is to use the places that they’re more likely to be. And that is on Twitter.

Here’s 10 ways to grow the audience:

Celebrate Great Content

Use hashtags and mentions to get into conversations about things you’re doing on the air.

An obvious place to start (if you’re a music station) is by celebrating the music and artists added to the playlist:

New music this week on (Station): @Rihanna @JackJohnson.

You can also shine the spotlight on local bands and artists. Being a part of the community makes a big difference, and it can spread your presence beyond your current audience.

Part of what makes (city) awesome. Check out @LocalBand #NewBand

Acknowledge Guests & Winners

Sending a shout-out is a great way to expand your influence. Try to send a thank-you on Twitter to  anybody that was on the air with you.

Thanks for chatting with us! @MovieStar @Comedian.

Chances are, they’ll retweet it, or at least like it. That puts you in front of more potential followers.

And don’t limit it to just celebrities. Congratulate the people who won prizes from your station during the week:

Congratulations to today’s winner in $1,000 Minute. We love you. @bigfan.

Promote Local Events

Many personalities and programmers are reluctant to provide air time to local events. It sounds like clutter and can come off as sales-y. But Twitter is a different animal. Promoting local events is a great way to get recognized.

Can’t wait for this weekend in (city) @Streetfair @Concert @BeerFestival

You’ll get retweets, and as a result, more attention.


While you’re at it, Twitter is a great way to acknowledge clients and sponsors. They’ll love it, and so will your sales manager. Make friends with your advertisers with quick, fun messages:

Looking forward to meeting you Saturday: @CarDealership

This is a good way to welcome new advertisers, too:

Welcome aboard! Thanks to our new advertiser @DoughnutShop. One of their classic maple bars sounds good right now.

Local Celebrities & HotSpots

On Twitter, you’re one step from connecting with any local celebrity you want. Just find their handle and mention them.

Good luck this weekend against the (opponent) @pitcher, @team.

This is a great tactic for reaching out to local writers and reporters, too:

Love your review of (restaurant). One of my favorites! @FoodBlogger

Sending a positive message about local hotspots will get followers, too.

I couldn’t get through a Wednesday if it weren’t for @DiveBar @Restaurant

There are so many places you can go to acknowledge others and get attention, and probably a follow back. You may add these to your list, too: Movies opening this week, local charities, local graduating classes and more. Use your imagination. You’ll find dozens of opportunities.

Feature Your Best Tweets

Some of your content is better than others. Highlight it by pinning your best tweets. This puts it at the top of your profile page for those who follow you and click through. Update it each day if possible. And, when you have a great tweet, feature it often over a few days. Remember, the shelf life of each tweet is about 10 minutes before it disappears from the audience’s screen.

To automate repeat tweets, check into the tools available at Coschedule and Hootsuite.

Use Photos or Videos

This is great advice for engaging your existing followers, but it also builds your audience. Tweets that have video or photos in them are retweeted and liked far more than text only.  It’s a visual medium. To get attention, you simply must stand out in full color.

Follow Back

It’s such a small thing to follow those who follow you. Think about the celebrities you follow. How cool would it be if that celebrity followed you back? That’s right. That’s why you should do it. When you do, they’ll be anxious to retweet you, share your and talk about you. That spreads your brand to new audiences.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool for building attention and getting in front of more followers. But Be careful. Use only 1-2 per message. To make sure you’re doing it right, follow these Do’s & Don’ts of Using Hashtags.

Be Positive

It may be tempting to rant and rave and get things off your chest. But it doesn’t reflect well on your brand, and it doesn’t get shared. And building your fan base on Twitter is all about leveraging existing relationships to reach more audience that can turn into listeners and fans.


Twitter is powerful tool to find new potential fans. Use it as a primary way to reach out to your audience each day. Start slowly, and as you learn what works best for you, increase participation. As you build your Twitter audience, it won’t be long until those followers turn into listeners.

Photo credit: Freepik.com

Author: Lisa Waters

Lisa is an established Digital Media Director and creative team leader in Southern California. Her career began during the “Dot Com Boom” in the mid-90’s and grew with the ever-changing digital landscape over the past 20+ years. Lisa has served as a manager, graphic designer, programmer, salesperson, marketer, researcher, editor, analyst and educator. This experience has given her the ability to establish, motivate and manage creative teams to realize their full potential.

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