Bobby Bones Captures the Moment-LIVE [audio]

Bobby Bones Captures the Moment-LIVE [audio]

by Tracy Johnson

The immediacy of radio is one of the most valuable aspects of our medium. Combined with building the drama and a relevant topic, you have the ingredients for one of those “I was late for work because I couldn’t stop listening” moments. When great talent captures the moment, listeners are captivated.

Here’s an example of how it can sound.

Bobby Bones Captures The Moment

When the opportunity presented itself, Bobby Bones recognized it and the show responded.

In this break, The Bobby Bones show tracks down a stolen iPhone. Listen as Lunchbox finds and recovers the phone live on the air.

It takes a special performer to capture live drama as an event is taking place. It’s flying without a net because you don’t know how the story is going to end. That adds adrenaline into the performance.

Storytelling With Drama

Human beings love stories. And storytelling is a valuable skill for radio talent. Most of the time, it’s possible to prepare the story in advance. This is an example of a story that needed to age told immediately. It couldn’t wait until tomorrow. It was immediate. And the show responded well.

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There’s something about live radio that holds an audience. Drama happens when we are anxious to hear a) what happens next and b) how it will turn out. This has both! And that’s powerful. It doesn’t always work out as well, but when it does, it’s memorable and repeatable.


Here’s an example of how to react and make a difference while telling a compelling story.

One of the great things about Bobby’s show is that it appeals to listeners of all formats. He’s on country stations, but personality is mass appeal. When did your show take on a story like this? How did you capture the moment? Send Email

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