Introducing AudioLogger: You’re Going To Want This

Introducing AudioLogger: You’re Going To Want This

by Tracy Johnson

There is a new app that records every moment of any station in the world. The audio is instantly available to listen, edit, and export with a couple of clicks. And you can convert any segment into a stunning waveform video to export and publish online in seconds. In addition to audio, it creates a complete music log showing exactly what is played. Two clicks produce a playlist of the most-played songs for any time period. This new app is a fraction of the price of other, less-effective logging systems. Is that interesting? Sure it is. AudioLogger is the smart, affordable logging system that you’re going to love.

After using AudioLogger for a few months, I can’t imagine life without it. I set it up to record every radio station I work with and a few dozen more that I respect. That means every moment on the air is available at my fingertips on one dashboard. No more time-shifting sleep schedules to hear a morning show live on the east coast. No more waiting for airchecks because everything that happens on the air is available anytime.

AudioLogger is a terrific logging solution but does so much more. There are dozens of amazing features. Here’s a quick overview:


AudioLogger Solutions

Every department in a radio station will use this app. Here are a few common uses:

  • Listen and share audio with anyone on the team. Export to a file, add a bookmark to check later or email a link that embeds the segment on a branded landing page.
  • Quickly find and use audio for aircheck sessions without depending on them to bring segments to the meeting.
  • Monitor competitors. Now you can know exactly what every station in the market is doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Monitor actual music logs as played on the air. Or get a most-played playlist. This feature alone can replace expensive music monitoring services.
  • Bookmark a segment so a producer can find and use audio or contest winners in promos.
  • Send audio to interview guests, winners, and callers. They’ll probably share it with friends and social networks!
  • Provide proof-of-performance airchecks of promos, live reads, and endorsement ads to advertisers and marketing partners. A sales assistant can log in and get the audio without filling out a production request.
  • How would the digital team like to create waveform videos from any audio segment with three clicks? Yep, it’s that easy.

Other Uses And Features

Here are even more uses:

  • Programming heads and format captains can listen to any station they want…from one dashboard.
  • Know how a group contest is executed and promoted without bugging the local PD.
  • Listen to stations in your format or any great station in the world for ideas and inspiration.
  • Syndicated shows can hear how affiliates produce and execute locally.

The system is fast. Audio is available to edit, export, and manage within a couple of seconds of being broadcast. It works on any platform and device. Yes, that means it works on a tablet and mobile phone!

There are many more features, including advanced audio-to-text functionality and analytics that show exactly when listeners tune in, tune out, and turn the volume up or down.

About AudioLogger

The app was developed by a colleague in Belgium. Alain Claise oversees a group of stations and wanted a platform that made it easy to keep track of his stations and aircheck shows. It didn’t exist, so he developed it. I was blown away and started using it immediately. Now I’m proud to represent it as part of the Tracy Johnson Media Group.

AudioLogger is available at special introductory pricing now, starting at $9.99. There are no contracts or long-term commitments. But don’t wait. The low rates are available only for a short time. Act now and get these introductory rates for as long as you subscribe. That’s right. Your rates will not increase.

Get an overview of the platform here and a short demo of the features here.


AudioLogger is a terrific way to capture, edit, store, and analyze audio on any station in the world. It saves time, money, and makes sharing audio a breeze. One digital manager said it would save their department up to four hours a day! That’s a great ROI.

Check out the website for more information. If you have questions or would like a private demo, contact us for more information.

AudioLogger Demo

AudioLogger Information


Tracy Johnson Media Group represents AudioLogger in North America.
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