The entertainment world is buzzing, and not just on traditional platforms. From radio personalities to podcasters, performers of all kinds face a pivotal question: Are you resonating deeply enough with your audience? Most personalities are not loud enough to stand out in a competitive marketplace with thousands of distractions competing for limited attention.

The scary thing is most naturally think their only competition comes from their medium. Broadcasters focus almost exclusively on other broadcasters. Podcasters worry about how they stack up against other podcasters. Video channel talent obsesses about having the best video channel.

News flash: You’re all competing with everything to get a share of the audience’s limited time. You are not loud enough.

Are You Loud Enough? No.

First, a note on what it means to be “loud”: This has nothing to do with shouting, ranting and raving, or speaking at an increased volume. It is all about having a greater impact through performance. In fact, many personalities speak too loudly and quickly and rush their thoughts. That’s not what I mean.

The challenge is glaring: How can entertainers create undeniably impactful content irrespective of their platform? How can they amplify their distinctiveness? This requires a different approach.

The audience’s passion for radio brands has declined, particularly with younger audiences, because they have discovered alternatives. Consider the vast landscape: podcasts brimming with intimate interviews and compelling, unfiltered stories, streaming services with tailored playlists, and satellite stations with a niche focus to serve specific interests.

Your audience is not as easily impressed as they once were. Yet many broadcasters respond with tighter restrictions on content with the goal of making fewer mistakes. They issue orders to become more conservative to avoid controversy and to try and limit complaints. And they continue to measure success based on how we stack up against other radio stations (ratings). We’re chasing a shrinking pie.

Colby Tyner, SVP/Programming at Reach Media, captures the sentiment:

Switching from high-adrenaline Netflix content to traditional broadcast television feels like a step back. What once felt novel now seems mundane. And that’s what’s happening to many shows today.

Turn Up The Volume

Here’s the lowdown on how performers and entertainers can truly resonate:

Expand The Limits: This is not a time to become conservative but to explore ways to stretch the boundaries. Don’t be reckless or strive to shock the audience. Listeners crave connection. Give them something to connect to. Anything else is just noise. Personalities have the power to define brands. Prioritize unique content with clear perspectives and a dynamic point of view. Dare to be different. Venture out and find new, exciting ways to captivate your audience. Don’t be ordinary.

Master the Art of Storytelling: Information sharing is fine, but transforming ordinary content into gripping entertainment through storytelling creates memorable moments. It’s less about the subject and more about your point of view. Can you create unforgettable “Did you hear?” moments?

Be Colorful: Express yourself in vibrant, compelling ways. Learn to speak with powerful language.


Rising to prominence in today’s saturated entertainment space demands an audacious performance that can only come with meticulous preparation. You are probably not loud enough, but the goal isn’t just to be loud but to echo in the hearts of the audience.

Ask yourself: Are you resonating deeply enough? Does the audience actually hear what you’re saying? Do They care? It takes courage to escape the Zone of Mediocrity. It takes time and commitment to learn to prepare deeper to be memorable. You must be creative to find a compelling setup that draws the audience into the content.

Are you loud enough? Probably not. Let’s turn up the volume. If you need guidance on enhancing your impact, we can help. Contact us for more information.

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