Personality Profile: Andrea Duffy on Improv & Radio

Personality Profile: Andrea Duffy on Improv & Radio

by Tracy Johnson

Thank you for the feedback and comments about my Prepare Tight, Perform Loose seminar. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. And one thing is clear: You love Andrea Duffy. She shared how broadcasters can apply skills learned in improv to radio performances.

So here it is!

Andrea Duffy: Improv & Radio

Andrea has been performing in improvisational theater for many years. Improv and radio are quite different forms of entertainment. But the skills learned in improv translate to great on-air performance.

Spend a few minutes talking to Andrea and you’ll immediately get caught up in her energy, positive attitude, and ability to respond spontaneously to anything thrown her way.

Andrea comes off as natural, authentic, and highly engaging. And every radio personality can learn to apply these skills on their show.

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I used highlights of this interview in the seminar to emphasize specific points, but here is the full interview with Andrea.

Andrea Duffy: The Radio Show

Here’s proof that she’s not just a great interview, here’s a demo of her radio show:


It’s hard to imagine Andrea Duffy is not entrenched in a long-term contract in a major market, isn’t it? But she’s available (as of now). Formerly a top-rated personality on the legendary B101/Philadelphia, Andrea is ready for her next opportunity. Get more details on her website here or her profile in Radio Talent Pool here.

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