There is a unique new AI tool for radio called Radio Content Pro, and you need to check it out. I’m certain you’ll be impressed and want to become an early adopter.

Jay Mitchell’s Small Market Radio Newsletter has recommended RCP. His review is thorough and does a great job explaining how it works. Mitchell is offering a free download of the newsletter, which also includes a library of St. Patrick’s Day promotions and more advice for broadcasters here:

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Radio Content Pro: The New AI Tool For Radio

Mitchell’s review is titled: Radio AI Done Right. Here’s how he describes Radio Content Pro:

AI can be used to enhance, not replace.

I had an opportunity to catch up with my old friend Tracy Johnson the other day, and he told me about a project that he and his team have been working on for over a year: a way to use artificial intelligence to make the lives of air talent easier and make their performance better.

The new service is called Radio Content Pro, and it’s a full-to-overflowing toolkit that combines show prep, break
content, teasers, news stories, social media posts, and more.

What’s more, some of the content comes in three flavors: ”Edgy,” “Mainstream,” and “Family-Friendly”—to ensure it will be compatible with the talent’s approach and the station’s format.

Tracy told me he had been working on this for a long time, and the results showed it. Their AI engine scours the Internet for relevant content specific to your format and rewrites it to be free of copyright restrictions—and eerily well done.

When you sign up for the service, you get access to a dashboard whose menu topics include “Trending Now”; “Feedback & Suggestions”; “Resources” (user guides, content usage tips); and “Insights & Updates” (more information about the service in blog form).

Jay Mitchell’s Experience With RCP

Tracy granted me access to the dashboard so I could dig into the details of the system. To give you an idea of its range and comprehensiveness, let’s take one of the trending topics I saw on the dashboard: “The Curious Case of Justin Timberlake’s Music Tease: From Clearing Insta to a One-Night Stand in Memphis.”

When you click the link, you see a section called “The Story” at the top. The first subsection, “The Gist,” consists of a series of bullet points:

  • Justin Timberlake has announced a one-night-only concert in his hometown of Memphis, TN.
  • The Instagram wipe by Timberlake has sparked fan speculation of an impending album release.
  • Collaborator Timbaland hinted at new, head-bobbing music, and Timberlake has recently re-emerged with performances and collaborations.

Then comes a lengthier summary of the story:

  • Justin Timberlake, a heartthrob of pop and a former member of NSYNC, sent his fans into a frenzy after clearing his Instagram posts. This social media move, often the smoke before the fire of a major release, ignited talks of an approaching “JT6” album. To oil the speculation machine, Timberlake announced an exclusive one-night show at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis for January 19, driving a nostalgic nail home with a throwback video showcasing his origins.

    While no new music has formally been announced, Timberlake’s been tossing breadcrumbs leading to the trail of a comeback. After a period of laying low, he reconnected with his NSYNC mates for a song and added his flair to a BTS remix. The artist caused a stir with a surprise performance in Vegas, addressing past drama with ex-girlfriend Britney Spears before crooning the infamous “Cry Me a River.” With Timbaland in his corner teasing a “bob-your-head” album and Justin’s retrospective hints on Instagram, the Timberlake Timber is definitely being teased for a forthcoming music blaze.

Taking It To The Air

Below that is the “On Air” section, with teases a jock can use to billboard upcoming content:

  • Memphis melodies are calling—but what’s Justin Timberlake really hinting at with a surprise hometown show announcement?
  • Hear the snippet, see the clues—something big is coming from Justin Timberlake that could bring SexyBack to the music charts!
  • Timberlake’s cryptic moves are sparking wildfire rumors of his return. Find out what the pop maestro’s been cooking up!

Then comes the Commentary, which is the actual meat of the on-air content—the payoff to the tease:

  • Justin Timberlake is stirring up the pop world pot again. He’s cleared his Instagram, done the classic celebrity signal flare for new projects on the horizon, and booked a sole night to sing his heart out in Memphis. In true tease fashion, he dropped an audio snippet that cut just before his voice kicked in—classic JT cliffhanger. We haven’t seen a full return-to-form album since “Man of the Woods” back in 2018, but with Timberlake tiptoeing back into the limelight, we’re all perked up waiting for the beat to drop. And folks, when JT plays a game of peekaboo, you know the reveal’s gonna be good.

The system even supplies editorial commentary that the jock can use after he or she tells the story:

  • EDGY RESPONSE: So Justin Timberlake cleans his Insta and suddenly it’s supposed to be a sign of the musical messiah’s return? I’ll believe it when I see it, bud.

  • MAINSTREAM RESPONSE: Justin Timberlake’s latest move has his fans spinning theories faster than his records. Whether it’s new music or just a bout of nostalgia, JT knows how to keep us on our toes!

  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY RESPONSE: Everyone loves a good homecoming story, and Justin Timberlake’s intimate Memphis concert seems like it’ll be a heartwarming show for his hometown fans.

Digital And Social Content

Then the system pops out a bunch of digital content. Ablog post (both title and story), Facebook post, and separate X/Twitter posts for the “Edgy”/”Mainstream”/”Family-Friendly” approaches. It even gives a bunch of “Social Thought-Starters,” providing the talent with a more free-form approach to the digital content.

And that’s just for one topic. For any given format, you get about 10 or so trending topics every day.

Tracy told me that the whole project is designed to help real, live on-air people save time and do a better job, especially with the social media aspect, which most talent dreads to some degree. After all, not too many people got into this business to write stuff down.

I asked Tracy whether there were some plans to produce AI jocks as well. He told me, “We looked at that, but we could never get it exactly right. Plus, other services are playing a leapfrog game. One will come out with something that’s closer to reality, then somebody else will come out with something that’s even closer, and so on. We didn’t want to get in an expensive race we couldn’t win.”

Formats Available

I asked Tracy whether the number of formats served would be expanded and/or whether AI- generated images (which would be rights-free and infringement-lawsuit-proof) might be added. The answer is yes on both counts.

What I like about Radio Content Pro for small market operations:

  • All the material is copyright- and royalty-free, which reduces or eliminates your company’s exposure to costly infringement claims.

  • Having well-executed content makes life easier for your jocks and makes your station sound better.

  • The introductory small-market price is only about $63/month (actually $79)—an eminently affordable way to give your jocks a little love and make your station sound a lot better.

There was only one thing on my wish list—somehow automating the process of posting blog and social-media posts. But I know from my own experience that is a daunting task.

I’m impressed with Radio Content Pro, and I think you will be, too. For more information, go to Highly recommended.

Formats and Pricing

Thanks for your terrific review, Jay. As of now, the amazing new AI tool for radio is available in six format brands:

RCP Buzz: For CHR/Hot AC stations.

RCP Rock: For Rock/Active Rock/Alternative.

RCP Spirit: For Christian stations.

RCP Mainstream: For AC and Adult Targeted stations.

RCP Hip Hop: For Hip Hop and Rhythmic CHR stations.

RCP Country: For Country stations.

New formats, including News/Talk, Sports, Classic Rock/Classic Hits, and more, are coming soon. Each product is market-exclusive and available now. Pricing is incredibly affordable:

Small Markets: $79 per month

Medium Markets: $99 per month

Large Markets: $129 per month.

You can get discounts for annual commitments as well.


Radio Content Pro is a truly impressive new AI tool for radio. Learn more about it at, and watch for details on an upcoming webinar to discover more of the power of AI for your station soon.

Finally, do yourself a favor and check out Jay’s newsletter at It’s a great newsletter that will help broadcasters in all market sizes.

Download “Small Market Newsletter.pdf”

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