8 Things Everyone at Your Station Should Know

8 Things Everyone at Your Station Should Know

by Tracy Johnson

As a programmer or morning personality, you have two audiences. One is obvious: The listener. The other is often ignored: It’s your internal team. And as a leader of your team, there are 8 things everyone at your station should know.

Connecting with audiences isn’t a solo job. It’s a group effort. Reaching your listener requires every single person on your staff know what your station is about.

Your Brand Values

Imagine going into an Italian restaurant. You ask if they have thin crust pizza? The hostess doesn’t know. You ask if they have a children’s menu, and the bartender says he has no idea.

It’s amazing how uninformed promotion teams are about weekend programming. The receptionist (in many ways the face of your brand) doesn’t have a clue about the type of music you play. The sales team can’t answer questions about morning show features.

At a minimum, every member of your team should have a strong fundamental understanding of what your station represents. They should know what is happening on the air and off. That goes for everyone who has anything to do with programming, promotion, marketing, digital and social media. And sales!

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8 Things Everyone Should Know

Here’s a good place to start. Educate your staff with answers to these eight questions. These aren’t questions listeners will ask, but provide the background that will help them understand and represent you.

  1. Who is our target listener? This is not the broad, ratings demographic target, but the specific listener composite. Who are we for?
  2. Why do we exist? What role do we play in the listener’s life?
  3. How does the audience think of us? What are we known for? How are we perceived?
  4. What do we want to be known for? Or, what are the desired perceptions we’re trying to nurture?
  5. What key elements are most important to our success? What role does each team members play toward reaching our goal
  6. Why should listeners tune in? What is our unique competitive advantage? Name things we have that nobody else has. What must we defend at all costs?
  7. Do we have a unique personality? What is our “edge”? The line of good taste that we cannot cross over? What is our moral compass?
  8. When the audience tunes out, who do they tune to? And Why? What choices do our listeners make, and why do they use those stations?
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These are hard questions, and may take management some time to answer them.

Once you do, share it with your team. It’s easy to overlook your internal staff, but there’s no better way to positively impact your external audience when everyone on the team understands your brand.

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