A strong personal brand takes time, attention, and effort. A personality brand doesn’t happen without thought and active management. Just being on the air doesn’t automatically lead to success. Don’t leave it to chance. Step up and build your brand with these 8 personality building blocks.

A strong brand makes it easier to connect with listeners, advertisers, and online followers. Once a character brand profile is in place, it’s time to build a foundation.

8 Personality Building Blocks

Identify A Clear Target: If you don’t know who you’re talking to, it’s impossible to build a fan base. Great personality brands focus on a portion of the audience. Identify who you are for, and who you are NOT for to stay out of the dreaded Zone of Mediocrity.

Have A USP: A Unique Selling Proposition identifies the primary reason for a personality to exist. It explains why a listener would care enough to become a fan. To find yours, ask yourself,  “If you were to disappear from the air and never return, what would be missing from the listener’s life?” That is a scary question. But it’s an important part of the process of developing a significant brand.

An Elevator Pitch: An “elevator pitch” is a short explanation of what the personality has to offer. How can you explain your personal brand in 30 seconds or less?

An Online Image: Most personalities are active on social media, but few manage it as a brand. Every post and comment is part of marketing. Successful personality brands repurpose content for podcasts and audio on demand. Most successful shows spend more time promoting content than creating it.

A Story: Think about celebrity brands like Kim Kardashian, Warren Buffett, and Tom Brady. Each has a story that feeds their brand. Kim is famous for being a celebrity. She’s famous for being famous. Buffett is called The Oracle of Omaha and is known as the World’s Greatest Investor. Brady is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of the NFL. What is your brand story?

A Consistent Look: Brands use style guides for a consistent look. Do you have a logo, stylized colors, specific fonts, and a dress code? These are all part of building an image.

Competitive Awareness: Personal branding isn’t a popularity contest, but it helps to study how other shows have become successful. Look for insights into what makes them winners.


A personal brand is how the world sees you. Everyone has one, but some are more curated than others. That’s why it’s important to actively manage and polish it as an active part of a personality’s marketing process.

How is your personality brand? Work on each of these building blocks to build yours.


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