It’s not hard to crank out acceptable content, but that doesn’t guarantee a successful brand. Anyone can create a technically solid show, podcast, blog post, or video stream, but that won’t make it a hit. You can copy and replicate what others are doing, but will that cause an audience to fall in love with you? Not necessarily. Being simply good is no longer good enough. Only remarkable, unique performers can attract a meaningful point of difference that is sustainable. It’s time to level up your performance.

There are many aspects to creating a successful personality brand. Here are five ways to level up your game.

How To Level Up

Find Your Voice: It’s better to be unique than better. Better products don’t always win. Nobody needs a slightly better version of something that already exists. To level up your performance, you must find a way to stand out by finding your character voice based on your real-life personality.

Without this step, you will constantly chase perfection. I’m all for improving your performance, polishing your skills, and fine-tuning your presentation, but you’ll never find your space unless you’re doing it in a way that carves out a unique niche. That starts with developing a character brand profile. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this.

Get details on how to build a 5-Star Character Brand here.

Clearly State Your Mission: Once you know who you are, figure out what you are for. What will the audience “hire you” for? Is it to make them laugh? Cause them to think? Educate them? Provoke an outrageous response? Is it to help them relax and escape the stress of their everyday life?

How can you craft content without knowing how you want it to be used? Everyone needs a Mission Statement. If you don’t have one, create one. It’s hard, but don’t worry about it being perfect. You can refine it as it becomes clear.

What Makes You Famous? Once you know what you are for, how will you succeed? What will you become known for? How will you become a celebrity? You can’t develop loyal, passionate fans until you become known. This only happens by creating something that stands out.

Find your Thing that supports your mission and is a platform to enhance your character voice. For James Corden, it was Carpool Karaoke. That was his One Thing, rocket fuel for becoming a celebrity.

Get Rid Of Dead Weight: Once your Thing is found, embrace it. This will power your future. But the only way to create space for the big attraction is to clear out things in the way.

Everyone collects garbage. We do it in our personal and professional lives. Inventory every single Thing you do. If it’s not making you better, it’s making you worse or at least holding you back. Get rid of it and do the One Thing feature more. That’s how Gordon Ramsay fixes restaurants. For details on how to do it with Zero-Based programming, go here.

Create FOMO: The final way to level up is learning to dramatize everything you do to make it more critical. How can you cause the audience to be afraid to tune out or miss an episode? Will they feel like something is missing from their lives if they don’t get their regular fix?

Don’t cross your fingers and hope they like it. Make them crave it by turning up the volume on your performance. Many promising segments are ignored because personalities fail to connect emotionally with their target audience. For every single piece of content, ask yourself if it will inspire one of these reactions:

  • I love this because _____
  • It was amazing when ________
  • I couldn’t wait to hear how _______ turned out.


These are five simple ways to level up your performance, but they are not easy. Planning, preparation, performance expertise, and promotion are required to reach the next level.

Are you up for it? Are you ready to do it? Do you want it badly enough to succeed? And do you need help? If so, we’re here for you. 

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