Recently, a client actually asked, “Should we promote the morning show?”. The answer is, “Of course”, but during the conversation, it became obvious that the real question was “How should we promote the show?”. They were stuck. So we talked about the 5 types of morning show promos.

Before describing the types of morning show promos, here are a couple of reminders:

  • Great promos are designed to influence non-listeners. Most of the station’s audience doesn’t listen to the morning show! Converting these listeners to another time slot is a terrific source of rating growth.
  • A promo must do at least one of three things: Advance a story, set an appointment, and cause the listener to take action. Great promos do all three things. Read more here.
  • Promos should never be treated as mundane chores a show is forced to perform each day. It’s an opportunity to market the brand to a massive audience for free!

With that in mind, here are the 5 types of morning show promos, with details on how and when they should be used.

5 Types of Morning Show Promos

Voice Of The Brand Promos: The fastest way for listeners to like a personality is to show that they share common interests. Making star talent the voice and face of station promos is a great tactic. Fans of the show will respond much better to a trusted voice and non-listeners get to know the personalities.

Who Should Use It: Stations with high-profile stars should use this technique. So should stations with an emerging show they want to make familiar quickly.

Highlights Promos: These “best moments” promos are over-used because they’re easy to slap together into a template or shell. The idea is to capture the essence of a segment from a recent show. The problem is that promos like this only resonate with those already familiar with the show. And promos outside the morning show should be designed to convert new sampling.

Who Should Use It: Shows in PPM markets that get listening credit for on-demand listening. Use this technique as a sampler designed to get listeners to hear the entire segment online, where you can harvest ratings using this technique. Here’s an example:

But Wait, There’s More

Character Branding Promos: This is a primary method to introduce a personality’s name and voice with a specific (desired) character trait. These promos are more imaging than appointment-setting and are more common inside the show as imaging into or out-of-talk segments.

Who Should Use It: Everyone can use these inside the show. But program these carefully, if using them outside the show simply because many listeners will be unfamiliar with the personalities.  Here’s a promo used inside the Blaine Fowler morning show:

Appointment-Setting Promos:  personalities to set appointments to key features, contests, games, promotions, and more. These promos should be short, fun (show off the show’s character traits), and include a specific call-to-action.

Who Should Use It: Everyone with a show worth promoting should be using this type of promo. Here’s a promo for  tomorrow morning’s Prank Phone Call on Z90/San Diego:

In-Show Imaging Promos: Finally, don’t forget to promote the show during the show! Listeners tune in for short periods of time. Though it’s impossible to get them to change their behavior to listen to the radio more, it’s very possible to get them to spend more of their available time with your show. But only if they remember it and consider it worthwhile. Run frequent promos (short, fun) to set appointments for later in the same show. Note: This is in addition to teases delivered by the personalities.

Who Should Use It: Everyone. Literally everyone. There’s not a show on earth that should not be using this technique.


If you’re not already using promos for your morning show, this is a great time to start. If you are using them, re-evaluate how, when, and why those promos are used.

Follow these guidelines for the five types of morning show promos. It’s a terrific way to help build the brand and add appointments. For more details on strategies for morning show promos, go here.

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