Writing creative teases for a radio show can be a fun and challenging task. The key is to capture the listener’s attention and create interest quickly, while also giving them a hint of what to expect. An effective tease strategy can be complicated, but here are 5 keys to a tease that will help you write an effective and creative promo for segments.

5 Keys To A Tease

Be concise: A tease should be short and to the point. There’s no time limit, but efficiency is critical. Avoid using extra words or providing too much information because it can be overwhelming for listeners when the tease becomes too “heavy”.

Use powerful language: Use descriptive words and phrases that paint a picture and create a sense of excitement. Avoid using generic, common words like “good” or “bad”. Instead, use words like “amazing” or “horrible”. When in doubt, push it to a colorful extreme. For details on better language choices, check out our Powerful Language seminar here.

Create curiosity: Tease upcoming stories or segments on the show in a way that leaves listeners wondering what will happen next. find ways to open the Curiosity Gap to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to make them want to hear more.

Use your unique voice: Each tease should reflect your show’s style, character, and tone. Be true to yourself and your show’s personality.

Use humor: The #1 attribute of winning shows is personalities that can make listeners laugh or smile. Great teases are content as much as a promo, so prep to inject humor into the tease to create a more memorable and fun experience.


These 5 keys to a tease are fairly straightforward and easy to understand but are only valuable when applied to your show. See how these three examples use the five points:

Get the inside scoop on the most scandalous celebrity divorce of the year. Okay, it’s only mid-January, but this scandal will rock your world. Find out who is filing the papers, but just wait until you hear the dirt on why!

What one question would you most like to ask (celebrity). Think about what that might be, because I have am pretty sure I have the answer to that question. (Celebrity) is dishing the dirt on her mysterious past in 12 minutes on Hollywood 360 with Peppy and Zippy on WXXX.

It’s official. My husband is a moron. What is it about birthdays that causes semi-intelligent, well-adjusted guys to make stupid decisions? And better yet, how should you get back at him? I need your help at 8:10.


Remember, the goal of the tease is to pique the listener’s interest and encourage them to stay tuned. So be creative, have fun, and apply the 5 keys to a tease. Work on it every day and before long your content will resonate with the audience more and more.

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