So you want to be a legendary air personality. Great. I want to help those dreams come true. But you have to take the first step by answering 5 important questions. And one of the questions will scare you.

These are hard questions, and only you can answer them. I can help find the answers. But discovering the answers and developing your talent starts with you. Take some time over the next few days and reflect on each question. The answers will provide clarity and a sense of purpose. Only then can you truly start on your Personality Success Path.

The Questions

There are no right or wrong answers, but there are good and bad answers. Think them through, take notes, and write a detailed answer to each question. Come back in a day or two and rewrite the answers. The second draft will be better.

This is starting to sound kind of heavy, isn’t it? Sorry. But it is important.

Question #1: What prevents you from having greater success? 

Everyone has barriers. It’s important to know what they are so you can and get past them. Is it fear? Time? Do you give enough effort? Is it commitment? Resources? Experience? Motivation? Insight? Opportunity?

Are you at the wrong station? The wrong time slot? Maybe you’re working with the wrong partner? Or maybe you don’t have a PD, manager, or company that supports you.

Identify everything that is in your way of being great. Be honest.

Question #2: What do you need to overcome those barriers?

What is missing? Are you not getting good coaching? Do you feel stuck in a Zone of Mediocrity and don’t know how to break out?

Maybe you need new ideas. Would a show prep service help? Could that be the inspiration to move forward? How about a mentor or support network? What do you need to succeed?

Question #3: What are you willing to do?

Success is a product of hard work. How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to change stations? Formats? Markets? Companies?

Will you get out of your comfort zone and take risks? What if you had to move to a smaller market for a bigger opportunity? Would you take a lower-paying job to get in a position to move ahead? Are you willing to host events without a talent fee? Can you pay for your own tools, show prep services, and training?

How badly do you want it?

Question #4: What do y0u do better than anyone else?

Don’t be shy. What characteristics make you stand out? Everyone has gifts. What are yours? If you were a superhero, what would be your power?

This will help identify why listeners should be attracted to you. How will they know who you are? What will make them fall in love with you?

Question #5

Warning: Don’t read this unless you’re ready to evaluate your career and personality in a deep, honest manner. This is the scary one.

If you disappeared from the radio forever, would anyone care?

Sure, they might notice. And some would call to find out what happened. But would there be a void in their life? In other words, is there a purpose?

A purpose is a reason to exist. What pushes you toward to success? Is it to generate ratings and cash bonus checks? That’s not a purpose. It’s not a cause. It’s a job. But a purpose is fuel for your engine.  


These are important self-evaluation questions. It’ll take time to find answers that put you in a position to move your career path forward.

When you’re ready to do that, look into my on-demand Audience Magnet course. It’s for people who are ready to take their career into their own hands and become a wildly successful personality without depending on their PD, station, or company.

Honestly answering these questions will provide insight. The course will provide training and tools to follow your road map.

Let me know how I can help.

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