4 Keys to Producing Videos That Get Attention

4 Keys to Producing Videos That Get Attention

by Tracy Johnson

Online video is a proven method of extending a personality brand to reach new listeners. But you’re competing with a lot of great video producers online. It’s critical to invest the time to make exciting videos rather than just throw footage on social media.

More people see SNL, Kimmel, Ellen and James Corden short-form videos online than watch their TV shows. Their video strategies drive their celebrity brands and deliver more eyes to their shows. You can do the same for your radio show.

Are you creating content that your audience is anxious to share? Do they get excited about your videos and comment on it? Talk about it? Forward it? Embed it?

Here are 4 keys in video creation that will make your brand come alive.

Know Who You Are & Who You’re For

The most important recommendation is to always be true to your personality brand. That should be obvious, shouldn’t it? But it’s amazing how often air talent morphs into a different character when the camera comes on. If your true personality isn’t coming through the video, it’s not ready to distribute.

Every impression on a listener shapes your brand. Make sure the video content supports your goals.

Then consider what your video is about. Is it a random commentary that doesn’t relate to your show? That probably won’t get you anywhere. Find something that promotes your brand. Do you have a popular feature? How can you extend it to have an online presence? Has there been a topic on the air that takes off? Is there a video application that can become social?


It’s easy to launch Facebook Live or turn on an iPhone and start recording. It’s also a mistake. Prepare your segment as you would a radio show. What is the essence of the content? Are you creating the story with an emotional connection? Does the story start with a strong hook in the first 7 seconds? Is there something surprising immediately to engage the audience?

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Storyboard the video in advance so you know exactly what the video is about.


A video production studio is inexpensive. Invest in it. You don’t need a top-of-the-line camera. But you do need great lighting. Spend a few dollars on professional lighting and learn how to illuminate your set.

Also consider investing a few dollars in a green or blue screen. This makes it easy to add interesting backgrounds in production.

Everything Your Video Studio Needs On The Cheap!


Your performance is the key to video success. This is a challenge for many radio personalities. Now you have to worry about expressions and body language. Stay calm and relaxed. It’s easy to tense up when the red camera light comes on. Take a deep breath and let it out before you begin.

Smile! This will make you sound more enthusiastic and friendly. And, it helps you come off as warm and friendly. How you look says a lot about how the audience perceives you.

If you’ve memorized a script, practice it enough so you can deliver the lines naturally. If you’re ad-libbing, make sure you stay on-point and don’t wander off the path to payoff.

Tip: A teleprompter is a great way to make delivery easy. There are some terrific apps for iPads that work well.


If you’re marketing a brand (and you are), you should have a video presence. But don’t just throw it online and hope for the best. It should be an integral part of your branding and marketing strategy.



Author: Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson specializes in radio talent coaching, radio consulting for programming and promotions and developing digital strategies for brands.

For more than 30 years, Johnson has been developing on-air superstars that attract fans, retain audiences and generate revenue.

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