Real people are far more entertaining than reading text messages. But there’s no doubt that it’s much easier to text a show than to call in. So here’s some help. Use these three tricks to get phone calls. You’ll be amazed at how well it works!

3 Tricks To Get Phone Calls

Trick #1: Convert text messages into phone calls. Texting is your friend! Use it to your advantage. Instead of reading the text messages, text back to those with the best responses and ask if you can call them to put them on the air. It’s like having your own phone screener!

Trick #2: Air a caller immediately after setting up a topic. Don’t wait until the second segment to start the conversation. Introduce the topic and put a caller on even before giving the phone number.

Air personality Graham Mack points out:

Most listeners don’t like being on first. In fact, human beings are reluctant to be first at anything. That’s why casinos hire shills to fill empty tables.

Build a list of shills and use one to add energy and demonstrate that you want phone calls.

Trick #3: Announce the phone number at least twice as much as the text number. The fact that more folks are texting entices some personalities to announce the text number more. But you want phone calls, not texts. Why not promote the phone number with more emphasis?


Finally, don’t obsess about how many calls are coming in. A handful of great stories is all it takes to add color and excitement to a segment. But a funny thing happens when shows follow these simple tricks. Suddenly, more and more listeners call in! And you’ll have more callers than you can handle.

There are many more tips and tricks to get phone calls in my Fill Your Phone Lines eBook and the seminar on-demand by the same name here.

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