Every Personality Needs These 3 Promotion Tools

Every Personality Needs These 3 Promotion Tools

by Tracy Johnson

Personalities are often frustrated with what they perceive as a lack of commitment and promotion support from management. It’s common to hear them complain about not having promo tools, trinkets or giveaways at events. And in a world of ever-tightening budgets, the purse strings are unlikely to be loosened anytime soon. So don’t wait. Take matters into your own hands by investing in these 3 promotion tools.

3 Promotion Tools Every Personality Needs

Thank You Notes

Really? Thank you notes? Old-fashioned, hand-written thank you notes? Absolutely. Very few people send personal snail mail anymore, which creates an opportunity to stand out by taking a few minutes to send a short thoughtful message.

You can get personalized notes from a custom printer online, or at Walmart. If you want to save a few bucks, order them in bulk from Amazon, like this package of Wilton 100-Pack Basic Thank You Cards. Add some stickers with your show (or station) logo and create your own custom note.

Order them in bulk, and they’re not that expensive. They don’t have to be over-the-top, but should represent your brand and come with matching envelopes. These are just 16.99 for 100 notes with envelopes (click on the photo to order from Amazon).

Send them to clients, guests, partners, other media that mentions you and anyone who has helped your show in any way. When a listener helps with video at an event, they should get a thank-you note and those businesses who listen to your show every day.

Dwyer & Michaels (Quad Cities), discovered the power of this personal connection when they decided to send thank-you notes to clients who sponsored a golf tournament. They cite three reasons to do this:

  • Nobody expects to receive a REAL thank you note from a “celebrity”
  • They’ll have a unique autographed note from their favorite morning show
  • They’ll pin it up to the bulletin board in business where other people will see it.

Publicity Photos

When’s the last time you had professional photos taken? A year? Two years? Five years? Never? You need them, and they don’t have to be expensive. Hire a photographer (there are thousands of them on Craig’s List) for a variety of head-shots and poses.

Then, print them on small (3×5, 4×6 or 5×7) cardboard stock to hand out at promotions, appearances and events. Keep them with you for when you meet listeners in public or as a leave-behind at a restaurant or appropriate contacts you make. It may seem self-serving (and it is), but you don’t have to be weird to creepy when handing them out.

Be sure the photos are contemporary (how you’re dressed, how you look), updated and well-lit. It doesn’t matter if they’re color or black and white, and there’s not a lot of cost difference anymore.

Also, be sure to leave a blank space for autographing (and personalizing the autograph). The lower left-hand corner is the best place for this.

Business cards with contact information

Business cards are dirt cheap. Order 500 or 1,000 on Vista Print for just a few dollars. You can choose from their pre-designed cards or design your own.

On the cards: Include your station (with dial position), phone number, email address, website (your own show site if you have one) and times you’re on the air. If you can afford a two-sided business card, put your photo on one side. Hand them out liberally with invitations to use the contact information at any time.

Start Using The 3 Promotion Tools Now

Your company probably won’t buy these things for you because it was cut out of the budget years ago. Don’t get angry about it. If it’s worthwhile (and it is), builds your career (and it does) and is truly a good idea, stop waiting and hoping.

Just do it. It’s tax deductible and a basic investment in your brand.

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