Stations get a lot of love standing on the sidelines shining a spotlight on listeners. The reflection comes back brightly. Promos highlighting the audience are almost always more believable and more effective than promos that focus on the station.

Listen to this year-end promo from KOOL-FM in Victoria, British Columbia. At a time when stations try to summarize events from the past 12 months and tell people how great they are, this station took a different approach and it was fantastic.

This is not about the station or the personalities. It’s about community pride and celebrating what listeners did to make a difference in Victoria. The Hot AC station comes off as humble, proud, and positive, exactly the images they want to convey. I love how the station talent weaves into the promo, accenting the message (and gaining credit) but never upstaging the message.

Most radio commercials (promos) are full of facts and information that don’t generate reactions because they don’t connect, but this promo is emotional.

Use it as inspiration or simply steal the idea to use in your own year-end promotional campaign.


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