A lot of radio stations stake a claim on being local, or live and local. And it’s important to truly connect with the community. But more stations talk about doing it than actually do it well. This is an example of what being local is all about.

Alberta had been in the news, and not in a good way. The province was experiencing a dramatic increase in Covid cases. It’s the worst in North America, and one of the worst in the world. Check out this story for details on the outbreak.

Last week, the government re-instituted restrictions. The announcement was met with expected controversy, but the overall mood in Calgary (the capital) was somber.

Matt and Sarah are the morning show on Rogers Media’s Jack-FM (CJAQ). The show is heavily involved in the community and clearly loves the city. That’s one of the keys to their amazing success. Watch this video for an aircheck and analysis of an extraordinary day on the air:

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