Listeners respond much better to simple topics than complex ones. And many times it’s much more entertaining. Reach Media’s The Morning Hustle set up a relationship-based phone topic by making it easy for listeners to participate.

Headkrack and cohost Lore’l invited listeners (they call them Hustlers) to call and describe your ex in 3 words or less as part of a recurring feature called Three Words Or Less.

The team discusses the topic and puts energy into it early. Listen to how Lore’l’s outspoken, bold comments add life and energy. Here’s how it sounded:



And here’s part 2, when listeners get even more actively involved:



  • The interaction between Headkrack and Lore’l adds energy at the beginning. But it never gets in the way of the clear message (what they want listeners to do) during the invitation.
  • They then demonstrate how it works by including their own responses in Three Words Or Less.
  • Important: In the first segment, the show gets to listener responses quickly! This encourages more to call in because nobody wants to be first! This builds great momentum.
  • The show sounds genuinely engaged with the callers. They’re having fun!


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