If you ever wondered whether personalities make a difference in listeners’ lives, check out each of the audio segments below. It’ll make you feel great about what we do for a living. And it’ll give young talent something to aspire to. The GetUp Crew featuring Ramiro, Pebbles, and Melissa celebrated their 20th anniversary with an amazing morning of memories, callers, and behind-the-scenes stories that demonstrate why this remarkable show is one of the best in America.

Beasley VP/Programming Cadillac Jack put the team together when they were across the street at Jammin’. Today, he and PD Scott Morello help the show stay grounded, focused, and contemporary.

Here are a few things that fuel 20 years of success:

  • Casting: Each brings a unique perspective. Ramiro is a likable, funny host and leader. Melissa is a quick-witted,  don’t-hold-back responder, and Pebbles is a well-informed, thoughtful conscience of the show.
  • Trust: Each plays their “position” on the show with a team-first approach. They trust one another to look out for the best interest of the show. They know who they are and what to expect from one another, which allows their character traits to come through in every segment.
  • Consistency: The show’s structure makes it comfortable for listeners to get what they expect, yet flexible enough to allow spontaneous moments to take root.
  • The One Thing: Every show must be known for something, and for the GetUp Crew, the signature feature is Second Date Update. They always sound excited and enthusiastic to present a new story in each episode.
  • Heart: They’re genuinely good people. They actually like one another. And they care about the audience, the station, and the show. This cuts through!

Listen to these three segments. The first is a montage of callers that left messages for The GetUp Crew. You can hear how much the audience loves them and how the show has touched their lives.

This segment is an individual caller who has listened to the show for all 20 years and continues to listen online each morning from another state. Notice how the show reacts with humility and good humor to the praise heaped on them by this listener.

But this is what I really want you to hear because it shows how well they work together, relate to one another, and connect with the audience. In this break, Leroy (their executive producer and fourth cast member) asks the show questions that take listeners behind the scenes. They talk about radio and how fickle it can be. And you get to know who they are as they talk openly and honestly.

It’s a little longer, but please listen to all of it. At the end is another montage of listener comments that puts an exclamation point on how a radio show can impact lives by being a trusted friend for two decades.

What you do matters. Or at least it can matter.

I’ve had the privilege to work with this team for several years. It’s an honor to be a small part of their 20th Anniversary celebration. Here’s to 20 more. I love you guys.

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