Jay and Desiree are the morning team on 107.9 The Mix in Augusta, Maine. The duo is a warm, friendly, and comfortable way to wake up each morning with a solid collection of features and strong local involvement.

They also have a tremendous social media presence and are learning to engage that audience to feed their show and vice-versa.

Here’s an example.

Starting with a segment from our Personality Magnet Show Prep Service, the show re-wrote one of the daily “situations” to create a local dilemma and invited listeners to participate in their weekly (Monday) feature.

Simultaneously, Desiree (who manages the station’s social media strategy) engaged the Facebook community with the story.

Check out the number of comments and engagements. This one post reached more than 38,000 people in about two hours.

Jay and Desiree used comments from Facebook to supplement listener phone calls. They expertly place an emphasis on phone interaction, a key in keeping the phone lines ringing.

The on-air segments worked so well because:

  • They present a situation but leave the solution open-ended. They don’t try to solve the listener’s problem. Rather, they explore the situation with perspective and point-of-view.
  • The audience is invited to participate early in the process and they quickly get listener feedback in Segment 2.
  • The listener “dropped the bag off at the station”, allowing Desiree to snap a photo with the bag to post on social media. This makes the story even more compelling and “alive” to the audience.
  • There’s tension/suspense in the story that creates multiple angles to explore.

Here are the first two segments of the story:

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