At 106.1 WBLI/Long Island, the morning show with Syke and Ally is working on being more personal and relatable without being self-absorbed. And they’re killing it.

Listen to this segment:

This is the second break after setting up the topic. In this segment, Syke and Ally explore the topic. Here’s why I love this so much:

  • It’s a quick reset to get back into the topic without taking too much time and going back to the beginning.
  • Syke uses his imagination to advance the story, contemplating what could have been happening.
  • Ally has strong, bold opinions throughout the segment. She never qualifies her statement with pronouns (I think…It seems to me…). This says so much more about her point of view.
  • The caller joins the show’s conversation, adds to the entertainment value, and the team moves forward. They don’t keep her on past the “expiration date”. Yet they get her off the phone without being rude, then resume the conversation.
  • Ally’s personal story fits perfectly into the context of the conversation. She adds to the discussion by sharing an experience without hijacking the topic or going on a detour.
  • Syke acknowledges her story and continues forward.
  • And what a great tease at the end of this segment. It’s crammed with energy, excitement, and just enough content to inspire FOMO.

For more details on how to be more personal without being internal, check out our workshop on that topic here.


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